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Pigs For 2006


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Gonna add a bunch of pics from the autumn/winter just passed please excuse the quality, I don't take my digital onto the rocks so they are all scans. :biggrin2:


Got this one first cast of the morning. :yahoo:


This fish fought real hard for its size


This was a slow day.. like a lot of days this year but you only need one for a feed


Water was clear all day but some fish came on in the arvo to save the day

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Guest fishrunner

Some nice pics there Bashir,(even for scans)

Would've been a decent tussle in the suds, Gotta love the pigs. Well done :biggrin2:


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stupid sambos eating my abgut meant for pigs.


Pretty good day between 3 guys


another good day, the pigs went off the bite quickly so I caught some blackfish... caught this bag myself, the walk back was terrible.

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depending on the location, I generally favour a run out tide. Low light conditions are best so overcast days, early morning and when the afternoon sun is behind the cliffs is prime time. Berley with bread soaked well in a bucket or pool - this is a must. Best baits are peeled banana prawns or royal red prawns, abgut, cunji and bread. The abgut gets the bigger fish without a doubt. Fish the baits on a mustad 542 1/0 with little or no weight on 10kg line. You can have everything right but with no berley you won't get anything - its the key when drummer fishing. Remember to hang on.

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To be honest they can be found everywhere, just look for a good wash with a food source like cabbage or cunji. I've caught them all over sydney, but do best around the eastern suburbs rocks....any particular areas you'd like to fish?

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Great fish there lad, loads of fun to catch aren't they?

My tips to any budding pig hunters are; be sure to use sturdy gear, I use a 14' Alvey beach rod, an Alvey 650 sidecast stardrag, with 30lb mono with the drag done to the limit,(with some bigger blokes even this is not enough) with a 1/0 or 2/0 mustad hoodlum hook(heavy guage), a long rod helps you to keep the line clear of the rocks under your feet as well as good leverage to swing them up onto the rocks to land them, on light gear a decent pig will bust you up every time, give them any line and they dive straight for the nearest ledge or cave and bye bye pigsy, I use fresh cooked king prawns and find they work as well as anything else, that way it's one for the fish and one for me, and burley is a must, bread or chook pelllets.

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14ft geez Yoda.. look out for power lines..

Yeah, absolutely, sometimes I'll go down there with a 10' super light whip rod with 6-8kg gear just for fun and the pigs just laugh at me, I get sick of rerigging, once I ran out of hooks, and that's not really fair on the fish, sometimes I'll use a 12' threadline outfit with 15lb braid and a 12' mono leader, you have to have the mono to handle any scrapes against the reef, but my favorite is the 14" alvey rod with the 650c alvey sidecast, big pigs are hard, dirty fighters, the best thing about this rig is that if the pigs arent there then I can move onto the beach and target big jew, there's virtually nothing you cannot catch on this rig as you can get over 300mts of 30lb mono onto one of these alveys if they can take that much line off me then they win, I dont have the stamina to beat that, but I had fun trying.

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Guest danielinbyron

Brother , ya talkin my language with the alvey

but 14ft rods???

I can't handle the 13ft , just seem to stuff my back up for some reason

and it feels like work..

Mind you I used to be a boom swinger{sound} so its allot like work.

I snapped a rod lifting a pig.. got a photo somewhere of it ..

It won me the telegraph fish of the week award..

didn't hurt that my neighbour worked at the tele

and the guy that did the collumn was off sick that week.... :074::thumbup: ..

I miss pigs .. they're a bit of a rarity here.. If i do the big bread burley.

I just get hammered by brimbos.. which fishing heavy is a bit.... howsyadad..

Great photo Bashir..

Like the compulsory rag stickin out the shorts..

You've obviously got this one down..

thanks mate..


Edited by danielinbyron
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