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Bass In The Rain?


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While we are at it , what is the best time , early morning , noon or afternoon ?


Bass often do not like the light, so if it is bright the bass will move into the shady deeper spots. I have found that surface lures work best at dawn and dusk and diving or sinking lures the rest of the day.

As Stewy said 1020 is a good pressure to be at and overcast days work well.

If your planning to hit the Nepean this weekend got some bad news, The F1 boats are on and the river is closed to everyone else.... :mad3:

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Hot humid afternoon before a huge storm is on its way is the perfect conditions, seems to produce the goods big time..just get ready to run or get the boat started when you that loud crack of lightning :074:

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Thousand and twenty, Bass a plenty :1prop:

But in all seriousness,

IMO the hight of the barometer dosn't have as much of an effect as a steady barometer. Air pressures will directly effect the swim bladder of the Bass, and therefore any sudden dramatic change wether it be up or down will adversly effect the fish. Fish can adjust themselves to suit any pressures it just takes time to do so. but it is widely accepted that a reasonably high steady barometer is prime bass time.

The exception to this is the build up before a storm where sharp increases in pressures can turn bass on, Why this is i don't know, possibly they know of the pressure drop and tempreture change which is about to occur and feed ravonously in preperation? You'll have to ask a bass that one i think :1prop:


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