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Lost A 40min Fight


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was fishing in valcluse some something took a live yakka on the bottom, something pulled on it, it wasnt a run so i left it, then when i come back there a constant bend on the rod, so i strike, and find back in, at first felt like i hit a snag, then it almost bloody pulled me in cause the drag wasnt set. so after loosening it up we fought, taking line was so painstakingly slow, it was 5y.o 6kg mixma fibreglow with 30lb leader anyway it wasnt so interesting, most of the time if felt like i was pullign on a snag, but it would do the occasional run, and sometimes i could take it in cm by cm.

no happy ending with this one, right when it was about 6 metres under my feet and we were getting the fish up when it freaked and went on another run adn my line busted, when inspecting it the break was clean, so probally the maxima got cut up on something and busted off cleanly.

what do you reckon it is? the fact that the whole fight was on the bottom, the fact that it feels like a snag cause it probslly buried itself under sand, the fact that it had exceptional pulling power, not the montion the stamina- 40mins and constanly being pulled on and not bargin and got for strong runs consistently.

its gotta bea ray? a big mumma of a ray?

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it wasnt your anchor? :074::074:

Same thing happened to me at lion island - port jackson shark

don't think it would have been a ray cause those things run....and run.......and run.

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big ray or shovelnose ..... they turn there bodies against the direction of the force and as the have a large bodie the spreadm out it makes them extremly hard to get to the turn and get to the surface

could have been a snag ..... i fought a "fish" for 10 min until my line snapper and only a 1 hook and a sinker came back but missing the other hook ..... damn current makes it feel like a fish running :(

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Guest Big-Banana

I must've caught a 20kg port jackson, it was huge. Didn't bottom out but every sharks fight is different. Sounds like a big ray!

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I reckon on a large shovelnose. I got one about 3 weeks ago at the Spit Bridge and it felt exactly the same as you described. When I finally got it up it had turned sideways and my line was hooked under its side as though it had turned side on - went about 1.2 mtrs and was like pulling up a bucket of water, no fight ,just a slow moving lump. Only twitched a bit when I grabbed its tail to haul it in.

By the way raiders, just a hint. I know these things have no teeth, but don't try and hold them by the lower jaw with your thumb in their mouth - like I said, just a hint from experience !!! Dopey me thinking I could grab it like a flatty - yeah, right. OUCH !

Tuffy ( now known as Lefty)

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