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Fish Of A Lifetime Lost


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G`day Fellas ,

The Lil fella decided to go for a solo fish the other night when His FB cancelled out.

After loading up an 8/0 hook with a ball of fresh worms , no sooner had it hit the bottom when it went off.

The minute he laid back on this fish , his heart began pounding , because he new he had his biggest Fish yet.

After what he said was about 20/25 mins , the fish gave ground , and he began working him towards the shore .

Another 4/5 minutes passed untill a huge Silver jew hit the Beach , but elation turned quickly to Despair , as the 50LB braid parted from the Mono Trace .

A frantic dash of 20 metres followed , but just as he was almost upon it , a wave hit him and the fish , and for a second or two he lost sight of it.

Incredibly , the backwash from the wave , sucked the fish straight back into His Wader covered shins almost knocking him over , so because he was still holding his rod , he made A snap decision to drop his $400.00 outfit on the sand , and threw himself over the fish .

Ok , so far so good , he had Managed to get one leg either side of the Beast , and was desperately trying to gill the Monster , but just couldn`t get his fingers into the Gills when the next wave hit .

This wave knocked him off the fish rolling him over and created a slight Panic as his Waders began taking water , although not a great deal of it actually got in luckily for him.

Heartbreak followed as he stood upright , and watched a magnificent Jew kick back into the surge and power away into the drop off .

The only thing he could do then , was to gather his Rod and Gear , and get it back home as quickly as possible before any damage the Reel may have suffered by being totally Immersed , became greater .

Surprisingly , very little water had penetrated the reel , but a full strip down had to be performed , and when he finaly finished the Maintainance , he sat down in his favourite Lounge Chair , and Skunked a very Large Bourbon and related his very sad story to his Missus.

How does One , console One , after That .


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Great report - i had visions while reading similar to Steve Urwin westling a croc - bad luck it got away - but then again sometimes things like that - (1 in a million fish) are meant to live another day so that you, your boy and every other fisherman after has something to dream of - the one that got away.

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if he had an alvey that snap decision to throw the outfit onto the sand would have been an ultra snap decision. :biggrin2: Seriously, he must have been devastated, I've lost good fish like that, but never a fish of a lifetime.

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Guest danielinbyron

been there on the rocks .... had nitemares for weeks about it... like bad flashbacks .. i'd be just about to get to sleep and i'd see the wave pick up the fish..

there is no way to heal ...

except time.

its good you can talk about it..

I have the number for a grief counsciler if your still having trouble... you know ...

letting go... :074:

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