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  1. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/catching-mulloway-off-the-beach-on-live-bait/id1504063952?i=1000542942123 Plenty of tips here. You don't need live baits. Lots of fresh baits will work.
  2. Went out last night for the first time in about 2 months for various reasons. There isn't much to tell about the trip because absolutely nothing happened for most of the night. Picked up 5 yakkkas and had a couple of frozen mullet and hit the beach just on dark. There was quite a bit of sweep running and it was hard to hold the bottom which is far from my preferred condiitions. 3 hours in, I was ready to quit but the high tide was about an hour and a half away. Sure enough, pretty much on the high, my middle of 3 rods got slammed. The fish gave a good account of itself and went up the beach, tangling in the rod to the left. I somehow ended up with braid twisted around my reel and line and had to get back about 20m to where my knife was so it could be cut. After that it was smooth sailing and in came a nice jewie, 1m on the dot. Everything else was in a complete tangle and I ended up cutting all 3 lines. Good to stock the fridge before I store the rods for the depths of winter and a yummy cerviche lunch for today. 😁 Obviously glad I stuck it out too!
  3. Action packed session. I wouldn't drop your hook size. I caught a 1m jew on a 6/0 circle hook last night and the hook was pretty small in the corner of its mouth. Might also depend on the size of your bait too though.
  4. Cheers mate. Butterflied yakkas. I sometimes take in livies (about 5 max) but it is a real schlep to get them in there. Takes 10 minutes up and over the sand dunes which is a punish when carrying 3 rods, a backpack, another bucket and 10 litres of water. Cheers. Yep, about an hour before high tide too.
  5. Got out for just the 2nd time since winter and struck a good one. I tend not to bother until the jacarandas are out. Started off on the breakwall to catch yakkas and got totally schooled in the art by the local 12 year old kids. They were a friendly bunch and gifted me a few before I finally managed a couple for myself. Then went to my beach spot with a 2 ft surf coming in from the NE. There was quite a rip running but also a prominant sand bank which seemed to provide shelter from the current. One of my rods went in that direction while the other 2 were in the sweep. It was very quiet for 2 hours before a good tailor took one of the yakkas. As I was dealing with that, I turned around to see my rod bent to the water (the one beside the sand bar). The fish woke up and went screaming straight down the beach. I wasn't sure what to call it as there weren't many headshakes and it seemed to lock itself in the current. I managed to get it coming back in the right direction, thinking it was likely a ray. Then caught a glimpse of silver and it was time to get excited. 112cm and very solid. So much so, the rods and bucket had to stay while I lugged it back to the car. Retrieved them after a second trip. Not quite a PB but pretty stoked as the smile indicates. 😁
  6. Cheers! I also like the top hook through the snout because you can get a good cast in, without tearing the hooks through the flesh on the back. I might have to try lightly pinning the back hook though.
  7. Cheers! Yes, barely light. Think it was around 5.30-6.00
  8. I don't usually report these days but had a few questions answered last night so this post might be helpful for a few folks. Spent two hours catching bait on a glorious sunny afternoon. There were plenty of baitfish about and just on sunset, the dolphins came by to add to the scene. Had quite a serious mission to get to my spot with 3 beach rods, 2 buckets and a backpack.Stuck one of my buckets with dead baits at the top of the pack so I could carry the livies in one hand. I got to the beach and noticed my only slimie was gone. Turned around to see a sea eagle pick it up and fly off. 😆 There was a dad and his 2 boys next to the spot I chose. I chucked out a butterflied yakka over the back of the waves and 5 minutes later had hooked up to the first of what would be several bronzies. The kid came straight over and laughed at the fact that they'd been there for 3 hours and not caught a thing. Dad left pretty soon afterwards, hopefully not feeling dad-shamed. So the bronzies were thick. I landed 5 of them in pretty short time. A guy walking past with a plastics outfit told me it had been exactly the same the night before. I was pretty discouraged at the thought of feeding hard won, perfect fresh and live jewie baits to the sharks. As well as the tackle they chomp through. While I was de-tangling a rig my rod went off. The fish was noticeably different. Much longer charge away from the beach, then a few headshakes. He came in with no dramas, measuring 98cm. Had plenty of bait left and kept fishing with the intention of releasing anything else. Had 2 livies chomped by jewies and a tailor head took off and came back crushed. The bronzies were still in the mix. A couple of live yakka were bitten clean in half and a couple of rigs bitten off. The jewie actually took a slab of mullet which came from a large camping, fishing boating outlet. Not a bad result for $6 purchase. The learning points for the trip: Fish on if the bronzies are about. It is difficult and can be expensive but worth persevering. I have a supply of pre-tied rigs in my tackle bags which helps a lot. Jewies still bite on the full moon. Used 6/0 circle hooks on the slab bait for a perfect hookup. A question still to answer: How to pin a live yakka for the beach. I was using 2 hook rig. Ciircle under the chin an trailing hook loose by the side of the fish. The survive well in the water but not sure if it is the best way to get the hook in the mouth. Both fish I missed, started runs. I put weight on after about 3 seconds but pulled the fish out of the jewie's mouth both times I think. Anyway, it was a great session. Beauiful conditions and lots of action. Cheers
  9. Cheers guys, Good tips. I bought the reel and christened it last night. It got put to good use straight away on a 50cm tailor followed by 68cm jew and a couple of bronzies. It was quite a hot session actually 😁 (landed 2 other jewies and missed a couple of hook-ups). Wouldn't say the casting difference was massive but it does send out a jewie bait out nicely and has a great smooth action. I will also give it a go with some big plastics and hard bodies at some stage. I do love my beach fishing so sure I will get my $255 worth. Cheers!
  10. Howdy, Does anybody have experience with surf fishing using a long cast reel? I am just wondering how much farther they can cast. I am considering a Penn Spinfisher VI. I have read that they are not as durable as a standard spin reel but would trade off if it lasts me 5 years and puts in a decent cast. How much extra distance do you get? Many thanks.
  11. Cheers for the reply mate. Good thinking on the livies. I am new up here so not quite sure where to source. It also takes quite a bit more time for the whole mission. Fresh tailor has always done the trick for me in the past. I have been trying lures as well but this is a much lower % game. They still have to eat so not sure why it has been a slow season. Will keep at it: It's a mighty pleasant way to spend the evening.
  12. Hello, My first report in a long time. Really only posting to get some feedback from any Raiders that regularly fish for jew from the beach, over the past year. Last night I hit a local (Newcastle) beach at about 4. Overcast and warm, with no good gutters but deep water within casting range. Started with a bronzie, caught a perfect sized tailor for a livie. He got chomped in half. Went on to catch a large salmon, a banjo, shovel-nose and lost a big ray. Lots of action but no jewie. I would have put in at least 20 trips over the last 8 months (since returning to Australia) and have not cracked a single jew. I am no gun but I do know what I am doing. Has anyone else struggled this year. I am starting to contemplate bad excuses like la nina being bad for beach jewie fishing. A few of the locals have been saying it has been very slow for jew. PS, my last trip, the tailor were thick and this has normally been a good sign. Threw out lots of beautiful fresh fillets, but you know how it went .... Cheers
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a place to pick up livies. Ideally yakkas. Somewhere near Swansea would be perfect. I am hoping to mix up my baits off the beach. Many thanks, Humesy
  14. Hi there, Would anyone care to recommend a rod to throw plastics for jews, to be matched with a Stradic 2500 reel and 10lb braid. Budget is between $100 and $200. Many thanks,
  15. humesy


    Agree with Short. I used to live at the pines, literally on the beach. It was a dream spot (for very cheap rent too) and I did pick a few jews in my time there. Often the best spots on the beach were taken before sundown, especially in summer and on weekends. I had the luxury of ducking out midweek for sessions here or there but if you were going to drive any distance for a beach fish in the hope of a jew, I would consider other spots that are equally likely to produce, with much less crowding. Do a few drive-bys and check out the gutters, weed, etc before making the b-line to Narrabeen. Or get out in the rain if you are really keen.
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