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Middle Harbour 08-11


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gday all,

just a quick report. Myself, Kings'N'Town and his mate Dave went out to Middle harbour last night to try for some kings and jews. Launched around 4pm and went to the squid grounds. Tried at least 4 places but came up with 0. So we burlied up and tried for yakkas. A few bait fish swimming around but no takers. We did manager 1 bream that went back in. So no live bait of any sort, called for the emergency backup squid that was bought earlier.

Starting trolling around somes boats and flicking some plastics under the boats to see if we could pull a king. Then a turn for the worse. The jig head catches on to an anchor rope, then turning the boat round, and winding in the trolls, line gets caught in the motor! It nearly took the rod in too! Motor stops, KingsNTown starts untangling and we are still drifting with the jig head caught on the other boat's anchor. Didn't want to lose all that line, I grabbed onto a yellow buoy. After untangling and trolling a little further we anchored up and put the baits out for the rest of the night to see if mr jew wants to play. The stiff breeze would come and go, but still no fish to be found. Kept warm with warm Milo, kranksy sausages, grilled corn, biscuits and dip and pizza bread. We managed 1 undersized snapper that was jagged and we called it quits.

Although we didn't get any fish action it was good to get out there. I have still yet to pop my Kingie cherry but hopefully soon. Learnt alot more bout catching kings (even though we didnt get any). Cheers to Kings N Town for taking me out, and his mate Dave for the great food. (PS: anytime, gimme a call, ill be your deckie!)

That's fishing

Thanks for reading!


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cheers for the kind words!

It was a fun night overall and very relaxing on the water and Kings N Town is great at steering us around moored boats and sounding out holes for all of us to fish in.

Definitely keen on hooking a kingie this summer. Can't wait!

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