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Shady Camp Barra


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Got up this morning at the grand old time of 3 am to headed out to Shady Camp chasing a few freshwater barra, the excitement levels were high even thou we hadnt had much sleep as we only decided to go after a few to many :beersmile: the night before. Any way we got out there and put the boat in with about 17 sets of eyes watching us as the sun came up from the local crocs. so we head off on the troll, I've got a little lucifer on and my mates got a gold coloured barra classic. We troll about 300m and I'm on, my mate starts to wind his lure in to give me a clear path as my barra jumps and carries on just as he's wound his lure past my fish, the barra has one huge leap and spits my lure only to land on his barra classic and he fowl hooks him in the guts. So we end up getting the fowl hooked barra to the boat and it went 56cm just over legal so we were all smiles and a bit of sledging followed on how he stole my fish and that he shouldn't claim it , how it was morally wrong ect. Anyway i was happy to get us off the duck either way. Off we went again and things went quiet for a while until we found a bit of a rock bar which dropped from 6 feet to 9 feet and then stepped down to 15 feet and the sounded had arches on all of the drop off. so we trolled the drop off 3 times for 3 hook ups and 2 boated barra :1prop: you could almost know when your lure was going to get smashed by a barra it was great fishing. As the day went on we got a few more small barra, a couple of cat fish and a sleepy mouth cod. We decided to head home around 2.30 in the afternoon after catching 7 barra for the day and we kept 5 for the table with the biggest going 68 cm most of them caught on Reidy's little lucifer's in any colour that had green in the pattern.


here's the 68cm Barra I caught

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Top report & a very nice pic to boot Bankso. You are making us eastcoast fishos green with envy with reports like that! :o Keep 'em coming! :thumbup:

Great session. Tell your mate it doesn't count on his tally when you hook it first! :tease:



:dito: Wow! I've heard a lot about Shady Camp - and your report didn't disprove any rumours, Bankso. Sounds like great fun... and as for that double-hooked barra, I've had a double-hooked blue swimmer crab that we brought in with two rods! :biggrin2: Hmm... I reackon that you'd take the points for the hooked-rehooked fish... It's just not right to steal!


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