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Round 2 Port Hacking Fad- No Dollies This Time


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HEy Guyz,

Went out this morning with my Dad & grandad to see what was happening out at the Port Hacking FAD. We stopped off at Shark island for yakkas. Picked a near a dozen with ease. While hand lining for the yakkas too my amazement and dad and pops entertainment a small King came up our trail of bread and tuna oil and smashed my little green mustad hook and 3 lb handline out of nowhere. In seconds it was over while the two men were :074: themselves to death after what they'd just witnessed. I wasn't, I was confused :wacko: shocked and had 2 cut fingers LOL lucky it wasn't braid .


The condtions were pretty crap on the way out to the FAD still not enough for us to turn back. Trolled for a bit, pop landed a small striped tuna which was his first so he was a very happy chappy LOL. Kept it for bait and a few minutes later my new Shimano spheros set off and I was ON. Another stripie about the same size but this one was released. The highlight was when dad hooked up to a stripie on 4 kilo he had a ball.

Decided it was time to get right in close to the FAD. Very quiet burleyed hard not even an inquiry except by a weird looking trevally, pop reckons they are called cotton mouthed tevally or something. :wacko: . We bottom bashed pretty close to the chain of the FAD for a few sweep and two good size leatherjackets. We duct in a bit closer, the conditions went quite calm. We found a fish trap closer in and fished the bottom for two Pigfish another Jacket and a legal red. As I was winding up a mado noticed a BIG DOLPHIN FISH following it up to the surface. It didn't seem interested in scoffing it it was just fidiling around with with the tail of the mado. As soon a.s dad grabbed another rod it was was gooone :( . Don't think i'm the only one who doesn't like mados LOL or the fish must of felt the weight of the snapper lead on the bottom of the rig.The fish would of been as big as my pop LOL no joke but then again he's a pretty short fella.

Our last stop was outside jibbon bommie where we cleaned up on some reef fish two Mowies, quite a large Nannygai and a Flathead.

Sorry about the long report raiderz LOL I get a bit excited sometimes but I guess there's nothing wrong about that :1prop:

Tally: 5 stripies, 3 leatherjackets, 2 mowes, 2 pigfish, 1 flattie, 1 nannygai, 1 weird trevally, 1 red and a rock cod, coz pop likes em.

Thanx guyz, Mitch

PS: There are pictures but i'm still having the same problems as the other day LOL

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Great report, Mitch. Sounds like that kingy was a surprise! :1yikes: I reackon that your pop was right on the money when he thought that the trevs were "cotton mouth trevally". Here's a couple of pics of Cottonmouth Trevally (Uraspis secunda) - the top ones were photographed at the Botany FAD, the bottom one was caught off Maroubra:




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