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Botany Bay


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gday fellow raiders

Headed out today to botany bay and was on the water by 5:30 to find smooth conditions straight away i trolled the oil wharf for 3 tailors then i saw a guy pulling trvally after trevally achored roight next to him and satrted to catch trevalkly after trevaly when all we see is a king fish a half a dozen trevallys chasing a fish bak to the boat then it went quite untill my brother caught that kingoe using the bait jigs it turned out to be a rat kingie to 50cm then we got a few more big trevs to 40cm and then we saw a skool of tailor had fun caught around 6 - 7 before some idiot came and went threw the skool of fish. all up


Around 15 trevs BIggest around 42cm

10-tailors -around 45cm

And alot of undersized snapper and some sort of stripped fish

Sorry no pics

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