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Fish Parasite?



A couple of years ago was fishing for leatherjackets around Palm Beach.

When I cleaned one there was this really big, ugly thing inside. It was outside the gut system of the fish, but inside the body cavity. It was almost 5cm long, oval, and an off-white colour. The body appeared to be overlapping plates. It had 6 or 8 small jointed legs, and its front legs ended in these big claw-things.

(Sorry cant post a pic, the jar got broken when I moved and was discarded by my new non-fishing partner)

Any ideas on what it may be?

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You find them in luderick as well. I also find a LOT of them in the stomachs of kings when they have been eating yakkas. Slimies have them as well ...found in a lot of fish without sharp teeth. SOmetimes you see on on the tail of fish as well. They are bloods suckers!!!Cheers KElvin

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