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Has Anyone Heard?

Wastin Time

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haven't heard it, but its good news if its true

mmmm.....I dunno, its bad enough them selling elcheapo stuff that doesn't work for a car - but I'd be careful buying super cheap stuff for a boat......

Not to mention the number of safety recalls products they sell have.

But for some things it might be good.

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They already have a few stores open. I was at Coffs Harbour earlier in the year and had a look at the one there. The products seem to be good. the stores are called BFC (boating Fishing Camping) and that is essentially what they stock.

Will definatley give the smaller retailers a run for their money but they are not a real threat to Whitworths nor BIAS.

if you want to see what they stock do a google search for BFC and you will find them

Cheers. Oh and I didn't buy anything when i visited them, bought my stuff from a private operator (he was willing to bargain !)


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Last time I was up the coast I called into the one at East Gosford to buy some camping gear.

I was impressed with their range and I could spend a whole day in there just looking at stuff if the :wife: would let me.

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Thats interesting, I've heard of BCF, mainly from a QLD'er, but never knew it was a Super Cheap Auto of boats.

It does sound like one of those stores that you can send the misses to the clothes shop and you are still roaming the aisles when she comes looking for you..... :)

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