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Pig Island King


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G,day Raiders.

Finally I was able to get out and go for a fish today after nearly three weeks, "I was starting to suffer from terrible withdrawal symptoms" headed out reasonably early hit the water 5.30am, headed out from Port kembla harbour and headed for Coniston reef as the weather wasnt great but was expected to worsen as the morning progressed.

I laid out two floaters on the drift with slabs of taylor and stripe tuna I had picked up earlier on in the year and salted up, just over an hour past and not a touch, so I puuled up and headed to a gravel reef just east of Wollongong lighthouse that Ben"Gongfisho" and myself have fished frequently. I laid out 2 new baits one was getting nibbled at so I pulled out the bream stick and threw a lightly waited bait out and picked up a couple of large slimies that I put in the live tank, and one on the other 8kilo stick, while I was happily catching the slimies my other 8kilo stick rigged with a slab of tuna had a decent bite so I picked it up ready for the run, but it didnt come then just as I was going to put it back down the line started to head off adjacent to the boat but not take any line , so I hit it and off it went, after a short but spirited fight a 110cm bronzie came up along side . All the while the live slimie was out and didnt get a touch.

The wind had dropped by now so I headed over to Pig Island with 6 live slimies and hopes of som,ething more eventfull. Then 20minutes after laying out my first livie in 70 foot of water the slimie starts going nuts, then came the big run line ripping off the reel, then stop, then off it goes again time to strike, well let me tell you when I hit it the fish didnt like it at all, I thought the line was ripping off pretty well during the runs, nothing like after I set the hook. What ever it was cheaded straight for the bottom which pretty much gave it away, King but how big, there had been no reports of any rats being around for a couple of months and when they were around last there were a few very decent ones cout up around a meter, any way run run run more line taken off the reel its time to get some back slowly tighten the drag, then try to turn his head which it does its heading straight back at me, Ive got keep some weight on the line. The fish has gone under the boat, I get some more line back should be in sight soon, no colour yet then down it goes again straight down to the bottom, I tighten the drag a bit more slowly he starts to come up again 10 minutes in colour a very nice king a solid 81cm you beauty.

That was about it after that the predicted wind returned and freshened to make it quite uncomfortable so I called it a day, but well satisfied.


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Thanks for your kind words guys.

Yes it sure did pull hard at one stage I thought I was going to lose him as I'm sure I could feel the braid rubbing on something down there.

Its 9.00pm now and the king steaks went down a treat on the BBQ, YUUUMMMMMMY, :thumbup::thumbup::beersmile::beersmile:

Any way, got the boat booked in for a service this Friaday so she will be nice and ready for the coming season. :1fishing1:

Catch you soon, Lew.

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