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Sydney Kings On The Bite!


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Dear raiders, you guess it...kingies!

I went out this morning for our favourite adversary. The morning was great with sun and fairly clam conditions. Went out to Roseville ramp and met no no no and Justin Duncan. Had a nice chat ....showed them some photos of the kings I have been getting and they wanted to follow me for the rest of the day!! :1prop:

Anyway I got some live bait in the form a few squid and a dozen or so yakkas. For a change the livies were co-operating. The wind however, was strengthening by the minute. So I headed outside the heads towards Manly.

I put out 2 downriggers. As there are no moorings, I can easily handle 2. North head was full of bait but there was no surface activity from salmon, kings or tailer. The bait was hanging fairly deep so I set one of the downriggers with the yakka at 12 meters. Within a couple of minutes this bait takes off. I landed the first of the kings for the morning. It was a small fish of about 62cm and was released quick.

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