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A Fish Id Website



Reading my copy of Modern Fishing (December 2006) today I came across an article by Dr Julian Pepperell.

He informs the reader of "an amazing free website which contains more information on fish than would fit in any library" called FishBase.org

It is essentially a technical website aimed at providing information to professional scientists. It is also of great interest to the keen angler. Take the FishBase tour, test yourself with a fish quiz or do an online ichthyology course!

The most popular use of the site for the layperson is as a fish identification guide.

It looks highly addictive and needs plenty of time to browse.


Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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I've just come back from feeding fish (I don't seem to be able to catch 'em) and caught 2 strange fish I'd never seen. (Silver Tripod & Spotted sicklefish) :wacko::wacko:

This site is fantastic. I identified both fish in minutes.

With the weird & wonderful up here in the tropics everyone should be on to this site.

Cheers & thanks


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