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Never Drink With Your " Mates ".


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Guest johblow

Oh yeah, go Sir Les! My favourite quote from him was on the one the flashbacks show, where he's sitting there with his scotch in his hand with a smoke between his fingers, and he says of John Kerr i think "He had a drinking problem, he loved to drink... myself, im dry, i dont touch touch the stuff... only when im thirsty..."

And other from the same show, when hes talking about Gough Whitlam: "I walked into Goughs office in late 74 and said 'Gough, I need ten thousand dollars'. He says, 'Sure, whats it for?', and i say 'its for the disabled black lesbian muslim puppeteer group', and he starts writing me out a cheque. Then he pauses, and looks up at me suspiciously and says 'this isnt really for the disabled black lesbian muslim puppeteer group, is it Les'. And i say 'well Gough, im gonna piss it up against the wall!', and he says 'Les, you're an honest man, ill double it!'".

Hes a legend - i cant get enough of him.

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