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South West Rocks

Guest Jewel

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Its a little late but I have had some probs with the computer!

The weekend of the 11th I was up in South West Rocks with a couple of mates, to see if we could find some of the monster kings and big river jews that inhabit the area!

Half an hour away I hit a thunderstorm that was that heavy I had to pull off the road!! This sort of set the weather for the rest of the trip!

On doing the reconnesence on arrival I was devastated to see that the river was that dirty that you could almost walk across it!! Apparently with all the rain they have got up in the area assorted dams are being released into the river, meaning that there is a hell off a lot of fresh coming down!! Sometimes good....... this time bad.

The wind was also an issue, blowing at a mild 15-20 and rising!

We managed to get the boat on the river on the second day, we couldnt find any jew along the wall, but despite the 20-25kt "breeze" we pulled a few flatties out before the wind became unbareable. Not long after we got off the water a storm opened up and we watch more than one bolt of lightning hit the river bank!!!

They next day was a fishing write-off with 30-40kt winds, but all was not wasted as many leaders were tied and checked between the many beers consumed.

Finally we got a good day!!! We had decided that as none of us really knew the area and not wanting to waste a day prospecting that we would hire a boat and skipper. We lucked out in our choice going with "Gunrunner" skippered by Brian. Very nice smaller boat that will go out with only 3 and Brian was more than happy to do whatever we wanted, obviously advising us wether our suggestions were worthwhile!!!

Unfortunately all the fresh from the river had pushed well offshore and shut down pretty much everything!

We lost a few livies but no decent hookups........ as was the case with the other boats we chatted with on the radio.

The highlight of a pretty ordinary day was Brett hooking up on a Longtail when we were travelling between spots, and me getting the double when clearing the other troll rod. Longtails fight bloody hard, so you can imagine what having 2 on at once was like!!!! Made for a few anxious moments with crossovers and near misses on the hull. Fortunately we managed to stay connected and boat both!!!!!! The fish weighed in at about 15kg each.


Let me tell you there is not much tastier than fresh longtail!!!

I had to head back down to Sydney for work, but the lads stayed up longer and got some better weather. They put this to good use with another trip out on "Gunrunner" which was totally different to the first with countless rats being boated, a few small jew and other assorted beasties.

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Guest fishrunner

Onya ,

And those Longtail cuts went down a treat on the barby, :thumbup:

Still I'm just a lil jealous I was unable to make it myself :(

Congrats :beersmile:

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