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hey raiders,

need some advice on mounting my DR

so what better place to seek out advice FISHRAIDER :thumbup:

just got my downrigger and i need ideas on where to mount it.

ive attached some pics of my boat...

NOTE: that im converting all my rod holders to tough metel 1's so any plastic ones

in the pics will be changed to strong SS..


this pic below in the rail on the side of the gunnel bit..

any ideas guys??


this pic below is the rod holder ive got either side of the boat..



this pic below is the back side of the boat..

what i thort maybe a 3 to 4mm SS Square plate over the top of the triangle just to square it off and give a solid base to maybe mount on a swivel mount??


next shot is just a shot of the side rail...


any tips hints help or advice would be MUCHLY appreciated..

thanks in advanced guys.

cheers steve :1fishing1:

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I think you should put a gimbal mount on the rear rod holder and use the forward rod holder to set your rods. Try not to use the rod holder on the downrigger as it is not up to catching kings.

You may have to angle your forward rod holder down a bit to prevent high sticking when a kingie strikes but it should be OK. You can even use the rear rod holder on the other side of the boat to set your rod but this is not so good if fishing around moorings.

You should try to mount the downrigger in the stern of the boat. Downriggers mounted amidships or in the bow are real trouble for tangles and foul ups. You'll need extra long arms and even then it is a pain.

In my new boat I have placed the rear rod holders at 90 to the boat so that I can get maximum spread for my gimbal mounted downriggers. Cheers Kelvin

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gimble mount then so on the left hand side on the back left being the side my transducer is on or

put it on the right side completly away frm the transducer?


if u look at the above pic i could use a gimble mount,

then if u look at the pic theres 2 steel poles on the side i could easily screw on a metel rod holder

to use for when downrigging instead of using the DR holder..

does that make sense??

or what about a gimble on this rod holder? once i convert it to metel?


thanks steve

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The straight rod holder is too far back to have the rigger mounted, the rigger must be in front of the rod

whats my easiest solution then oz? just gimble mount to the back rod holder then use the straight up rod holder amidship to use the rod holder when DR'n?

important Q does it matter if i mount it on the same side as the transducer? will the bomb ECT

interfear with the readings?


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You could also consider a rail mounted downrigger - your boat looks like it has a rail running almost all the way to the stern.

Rail mounts are NO GOOD for serious weights i.e. more than 5lbs. Your rails will not support the torque. Will eventually strip the rails. OK for less than 5lbs.

Big steve's boat being a press ally is a bit tough but really a gimbal mount on the rear road holders then use the middle rod holders for downrigging is the easiest way. With a gimbal mount you can always change where you put the downrigger. No holes have been drilled into your boat!

Where your transducer is mounted should not matter. You should be able to track your bomb on your sounder. This is very important as not knowing how deep your bomb is in relation to the bottom is really bad news. CHeers Kelvin

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What is are the size of the angled plate in the corner where the rod holder is?

is it not posible to remove the rod holder and bolt the standard mounting plate supplied with the rigger?

if that is not the case - how about cutting out the current corner support and welding in a new-large one to suit?

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