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The Gulf - Royal National Park


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Hey Guys

Anyone here fished a rock platform called 'The Gulf' in the Royal National Park or know how to get there??...heard a rumour you can catch big landbased kingies off this platform.

Any info would help greatly

Cheers :1prop:

It's called Curracurrang on the map, there are some spot's a bit north of there as well.

Regards Charlie

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Its been a few years now since I was down there landbased........ boats are SO much easier!

Park at Wattamolla and take the track to Curracurrang. Walk out to the point and you will need to find the small cliff with the stainless rods sticking out of it, you need to climb over a small fallen boulder and then under the huge one........ from here it gets a bit difficult to describe the path but if you look carefully you should be able to see the marks of the many that have gone before you. The first part of the track is high, the second part is low.

You will go past a great looking platform about 1/2 way to the Gulf its know as "Suicide" DO NOT be tempted to fish it in anything but the calmest conditions, as the waves run up the side of it and wash you in from behind.

You cant miss the Gulf as it is a huge gutter with a sea cave at the back.

The low ledge is good to spin and catch yakkas off, the high ledge is where we used to livebait off, just be carefull of the cave underneath when trying to land kings!!

Good luck!

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I have been wiped out by a few kings there. They are almost impossible to land due to the low ledge in front of the platform. There are better (and easier to get to) spots to livebait for kingies (eg in the Easter Suburbs) where you at least have a chance of landing them.

There have been a few large gamefish hooked there is the past. The current eddies there and anything could turn up. Many years back Ron Calcutt hooked a marlin on a lure at the Gulf.

The Gulf can be extremely dangerous in a moderate to large swell.

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hey guys

when you say 'walk to the point' is it the northern or southern point of curracurrang?

i.e. is it the point that is closest to garie's and do you have to walk past the curracurrang camping site???

any other info you could provide to help me to find this spot would be good

thanks in advance


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