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Pride And Joy


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Hey ive started this threat because im interested in seeing everyones tinny setups..... No big boats allowed lol. Hope to see some nice pics soon.

Heres the interior of my 460 Dory so far. Have recently added a Eagle 480 sounder also.


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G'day mate,

Here's my mighty tinnie. 3.75m SeaAl with a 25hp Tohatsu. Great little boat and gets me where I need to go :biggrin2:

It was a nude hull, windscreen and motor on a trailer when I bought it. I've added all the rest. It's never ending though, still have things to add.





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Here's my rig set up for cod fishing.


Started with the bare hull only, the rest was fitted out by the mrs and myself, got heaps of progress pics for anyone interested in having a go at your own custom fitouts.

Cheers, Allan

Hey as regards to the progress pics would love to see them as i am looking to buy a tinny and ye would greatly appreciate it thanks and nice boat. :thumbup:

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Hi Allen,

That's a super job - it looks really great and I'll be its a very comfortable and practical fishing platform.

Now that I've been seriously bitten by the plastic bug I'd love a setup like that with a leccie, live tank etc etc (the list goes one).

One day... :biggrin2:



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Darren G,

Love the look of you 460 dory. I've got the 420 and its a good boat, but yours lis that much deeper and bigger... I want it!

Hey Dezmo, Thanks mate.

Yeah I think its the best thing since sliced bread. Ive only had it around 6 weeks and busy fitting it out. Its around 750mm from chine to top of sides, and the floor comes another approx 100mm lower so you feel pretty safe in it when it gets messy. It will fish all the conditions that I want to fish in anyway. I havent seen the 520 Dory but it must be like fishing from a football field. :thumbup:

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