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Shakespeare Ugly Stick


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Hi! Have you anybody some experiense fishing Ugly sticks? I did´nt find information in Finland even i can buy it from here. I am interesting buy Shakespeare Ugly Stick Big Fish 10-50lb for fishing in Norway. But i haven´t any idea how heavy lure i can use???? I need use 200-400g jigs, is it possible whit that rod?? Or 300g pirks, but jigs is more important. :1wallbash:

Jani fom :frozen: Finland

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Hi Jani

Below is the Blue Water Ugly Stick range which is in Australia, I'm pretty sure the 37kg models (80lb braid) would handle 400g jigs.

USB-JOH5615 JOH H 1 1.65m/5'6" 15 (P.E.3) 6 + Tip $299.00 (AUD)

USB-JOH5624 JOH H 1 1.65m/5'6 24 (P.E.5) 6 + Tip $299.00

USB-JOH5637 JOH H 1 1.65m/5'6" 37 (P.E.8) 6 + Tip $299.00

USB-JSP5615 JSP H 1 1.65m/5'6 15 (P.E.3) 5 + Tip $299.00

USB-JSP5624 JSP H 1 1.65m/5'6 24 (P.E.5) 5 + Tip $299.00

USB-JSP5637 JSP H 1 1.65m/5'6" 37 (P.E.8) 5 + Tip $299.00

JOH - Jig Overhead, JSP - Jig Spin

I have a Silstar Crystal Blue Powertip jigging rod 6' rated to 80lb braid and up to 400g jigs as well. Hope this helps.



PS What temperature is it up north at the moment? The temp in Sydney has topped 30 degs Celcius this week but thankfully (for ex-Canadians) the temp has dropped the last couple of days

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Thanks, looks like good rods, but i cant byu it from here :mad3:

I have now this rods: Euro Gold 185cm, solid, 50-80lbs and Euro Gold 185cm, solid, 80-130lbs but it is too stiff for Pollock! I need more flexible, but that kind rod , that i can use 400g jig. So 400g jig it is not 400g in water, because it floating littlebit. That ugly stick i can buy from here: Ugly Stick BigFish 210 and 240cm 15-30lb. And 195cm 10-50lb, i thik about that, but is it too flexible? I dont know, i try get one for testing. Is it not so bad price here 10-50lb only 60€.

We have been now 1 week +3 - +6 C and allmoste everything snow melt, next week (i hope) snow and freezing weather come back. Usually we have that time -5 - -15 C.

Btw. I reservation next summer one week trip to "fisherman paradise" Röst island in Norway, is it expensive, but it maby my only trip next year. This place: http://www.wildwater.se/freport/archive.ph...mp;lang=english

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