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  1. Went all day fishing yeastarday. First went with Veikka and Saija's godfather. Weather was fine, less wind, half cloudy. First spot near bridge, only couple of bites, but nothing hooked. Then move to next spot, 100m from bridge, i catch mimiatyre pike. Then we change, Veikka out and Vili in boat. We did drive "tweed spot", but didn't find any tweed. Cant undersrand how so big area can gone? First summer that it is complete gone, nothing, so that spot have not anymore..... Any way Vili catch from 4 small redfins. Then other redfinn spot, Saijas godfarher catch redfin by first cast, then nothing. We did eat, then Vili want to shore, Veikka was casting there. And then come rain and wind. I had not any rainjacket, so i made it by plastic bag. We drive under bridge and wait better weather, casting same time. Soon i had fish on my ul-gears. 36cm/720g redfinn, real fatty. Then rain end and we contibue try zander, nothing. Then drive "big fish spot". My first cast give table size pike. Second cast and fish on, 1.7kg zander. Then we end and drive pier, Saija's godfather did leave. I went eat home and we made cruise with Veikka and Jikidog. After that we go fishing with Vili and Veikka. I mostly repair gears. Casting near bridge again, but catch nothing. Then we did drive "bigfishspot". Vili's first cast with new floating and uv colour softplastic, fish on. Quite heavy on stream. I try fixed longer net, but again forget how to tight that joint. And ofcource it was Vili's pb zander and try escape, pull line to motor but engine was off. Finally i caught it in net. Vili's pb zander is now 74cm/3.8kg. We all was very happy. Vili did not want fishing anymore and Veikka did not want try yet that spot, hi think that maybe fish's is too big to him and need more practise, smart kid, we try again with him on later this summer. Veikka catch nothing, but he dont care so much, be happy allmoste every time only be fishing even catch anyghing.
  2. We just came from fishing. Was rainy day, all day. But i ask boys, that do they still want go fishing for short time. Vili want stay home, but Veikka want go. We made plan, that try catch very first zander for him. Zander is quite difficult catch for kids, becouse need so much focus that strike. Allso on river need focus when softplastic is on bottom, that it is not stuck between rocks. First cast's we practise focus and regonise when line is loose ext. full fishing tecnique for zander. Then Veikka catch bite, but did not enough fast strike. Next cast same thing. I sayd that you have to made full power strike when you feel bite. We changed lure and first cast fish on, now Veikka made fast and full strike. Soon hi's very first zander was on boat. 37cm too small for keep, but zander anyway. 😃 After that Veikka get some bites, but not hooked anymore. I catch 2 small perch, but did not was suprise to me, becouse i forget my fishraider hat on home, so wast not likely, that i get big catch. Least i have my fishraider tattoo on calf, so catch even something.
  3. We went packrafting with Vili. More trekking, less fishing, but littlebit anyway, becouse there is possiple catch BIG redfins. That lake is 15km around, and there is about 10km beach/sandbank. Dark but clear water, ant from home to there is only 30km drive. We start trip and packing stuff on packraft, and paddling about 3 hours. There was many shallow sandbanks, that we need pull packrafts over them, or paddling around, was also windy. We saw one ospray quite close. Finally we arrived to area where is allowable make openfire. There was not anyone and we put first our tent to good place. Then arrived single traveller and soon one pair and make them own "camps". We made fire with Vili and done some lunch. Then to fishing with rafts. Wind was gone and was really calm. First spot nothing, next spot some baits, and hooked couple small redfins. Then start light rain and we move to 3th spot, from there some small redfins, but nothing bigger. Vili landing to camp before me and made midnight swimming under blue and cloudy sky. I allso made my "evening shower" on lake, and then we get sleep. Morning we did sleep late, and when we wake up, other was allready gone. Was rainy morning and forecast say that later coming thunderstorm, so we packing our stuff and paddling back to start point. Nice trip, even catch anything bigger. Have to go later again, nice place swimming allso, really lot sand beachs, shallow, and allso possiple catch big redfins and big white fishs.
  4. Argh, many typo on my post, write by phone. 🙈 I cant use net side on boat for fishes. Becouse i am 110% sure, that i will forget pull it up when i drive to next spot.
  5. Today we made 2 hours fishing session with Vili. I do only night shifts, so i did sleep 5 and 1/2hour, and we tuc stuff and go. Use only normal anchor, faster that assemblt front motor on boat. We did drive near bridge, saw lot of "light weight" redfinns on top, eating baitfish. Catch some of them, but try find bigger. Allso testing nef softplastic floating, and softplastic worms. Was really nice weather, only light wind and warm. I carch one rable size redfinn. Just befire when leave drive back, i sayd to Vili, that i try couple cast with zander lure, and second cast fish on, 43cm zander. We tuc tgat on boat, and i starting put lures and other stuff in my backback. Vili sayd, that he try some casts with zander lure also. Him first cast and fish on. Almoste 2kg pike. We tiv that and drive to pier and home. Tomorrow we eat fried fish filled. Btw, i have plannig some fish tank on boat, that it is easylly keep them live and return back to water if catsc only 1 or 2. Any idea for that? I have not so big boat, and i dont know is it any idea put water circukation on tank or only some "oxygen" Pump? Btw2. Allso have wondering some water pump on boat, easylly cleaning strait on river and use pilgepump for emptying cleaning water. Or maby i asking more on/in that boating topic....
  6. @big Neil We have bern use only softplastics this summer. Near bridge is so much baitfish, that they are maby full stomach. Have tu try use sonar better, cant regonised fish size well on screen. There where i fishing redfins before grow tweed, but now water is more warmer, and have less tweed/tweed is deeper.
  7. Yes, eat commonbream, exactly is quite delicious when smoked, but smaller 1.5kg is ao much bones, that i not eat them. No off season anymore. Before junewas off season for zanders.
  8. Short pier fishing session. We get idea with Veikka, that we go tompier looking some tablesize redfinn perch. Really nice stillwater, but not any bigger perch on top water. We had only UL gears, but i testing if some perch is on the river bottom. First seagul try stolen my line, whan i looking beawer who swim every evening side on pier. Next cast i had fish on, under limits zander. Maby 10 cast later i hooked zander, and Veikka running get net on shore. I yelling that "dont run, pier is slippery", but he only put more speed 😆. I was sure that i lose it, becouse upper jaw is hard like stone, and with ul-gears you cant strike back hard". But slowly we get it on net, 43cm zander and my first zander with ul-gears. Veikka is allready proffessional net user and know what to do.
  9. NOT that size usually (anymore), i dont know where they hiding now. About 10 years a go was 2 summer, that i cach many night ten's 30-37cm redfins. Water is now more and more warmer every summer, and they hiding new places what i havent find yet.
  10. Yeastarday i went fishing first with Veikka. First Veikka drove us to sandbank, its drop from 3m to 11m water steep. There we catch nothing. Then we drove to side on bridge and Veikka catch fast couple redfins. Then i had nice redfin and soon Veikka catch it on net. Then we changed, Veikka leave home, and Saija get in boat. Saija's first cast and soon we had zander on boat. We spend couplen of hours and i drove Saija on pier. I fishing after that couple of hours alone, cach some small redfins and one commonbream.
  11. Finally i had time go fishing by boat for couple of hours. We went with Vili, try catch zanders but did'nt find. So we start fushing redfinns and catch some. Biggest was 39cm/670g.
  12. Most early open water season to me ever. Catch not any fishs, but main thing is to me, that now season is open 😀
  13. Short report. We went fishing with Saija. Had plan be 1 hour, went 3 h. 😆 So had not even gront motor with me (mistake) so we use anchor. We did try find "redfin tweed", but have been so cold, that havent been grow even yet. Water was only +16'c and now is mid summer. I catch first 4 cast 4 redfin. We try to move closer to spot, becouse Saija had only traditional gears, ror, line, hook and worm. But we lose all spot when move. I catch one more redfin and one common bream. We drive bu boat on ring after ring and try find tweed, impossiple. So we drop anchor and i start casting. One bite, then big bite and fish on. No redfin, but 1.1 kg "some" bream. Nice size and strong fish. I plan that let it go, but eye was broken, so i tuc it for food. Then we tuck anchor on boat and i start row, Saija fishing. Finally we find one fish for Saija, redfin. Then we did drive other spot, where i catch one more redfinn, then back to home.
  14. Just arrival from river. Had plan go fishing for couple of hours. First went alone and try fishing spots where usually catch "table size" zanders. Not even bite there. Then i had plan go to "big fish spot", but Saija call that she come allso boating. So i sayd that it is better, that she come before i go "big fish spot", becouse netting is difficult there if some bigger hooked, becouse there is allso strong stream. So i did drive to redfinn spot, and wait there tjat saija walk to pier. There i catch one pike, but send it back. Then Saija call tjat she is on pier, and i did go get her on boat. So, we drive to bigfish spot, and put i pilot about 15m from spot. Couple of cast with pink softplastic and couple of bite too. Then front motor off, and floating to 5m from spot. Change lure to plack softplastic with yellow tail. First 2 short cast, nothing. Then longer cast and FISH ON. I feel thet it is big, maby big pike. Fight start and we change me to boat front, Saija to boat back, i sayd to Saija, that use motor trim and put motor up, i dont want that line broke to motor. Just under 10minutes and i saw fish tail, WIDE tail, ZANDER tail!! Now i was exciting and hope that get it. Saija tuc net and put in to water allready. Couple more pull by fish, then its came in net, Saija pull net side on boat. Huh, BIG zander. We did drive with front motor more distance from stream and put i pilot on. There we pull zander on boat. My PB zander, 94cm/8.45kg. You can see extreme big "finnish smile" on my face. Offcourse need lucky allso, i trust my fishraider hat and my aussie singlet.
  15. Quick report. We think with Vili, that we go test, if Front motor work again, after change rometecontrol battery. So drive to nearest zander spot. I catch one redfinn. Then change look if tweed is grow allready. It havent, but Vili catch his pb redfinn, 37cm/570g. And very first fish with new rod/reel combo. Next to "big fish spot". Was hard get right spot for i pilot, for stream and wind. After several try i was happy. 3th cast and fish on, short fight and Vili use net. Zander 73cm/3.85kg. I start fixed that, snd Vili continue casting, but not even bite. He need more patience for zander fishing, but he casting well. He want change new softplastic, so i tuc him quite big softplastic, and only drop it boat side. Fish on, quite big, but escape. Next cast to me, and fish on, Vili use net and 66cm/2.65kg zander on boat. Vili want still try, and hi casting one more hour, but nothing. So good start for this season.
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