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Specility Charter Jigging


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  • 3 weeks later...

:thumbup: Glad to see we have some jiggers in SYD!!!!

How did the Jigging trip go??

I just got back from Jigging Sambo's in WA, I tell you what guys, if you ever get a chance to head across to WA,

I would strongly recoment you to gave one thou's sambo a try, make's ourY/king look kindystuff.

I was hopping to look in to Jigging fishing in SYD after the new years, I'm hook on jigging... :biggrin2:i

bellow is a pic of the biggers fish I got on the day, 1.4 meters, 64 fish on the day tag and release.

http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p238/bubble8888/1.jpg' alt='1.jpg'>




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now THATS a fish...

great sambo,

what gear were you using?


All gear was provided by the chatter operators,

Have a look and see if you can name the gears on the rack, I believe there are well over $15.000 worth on the rack alone! :1yikes::1yikes:


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it did indeed but apparently nobody even got the slightest sniff of a fish

thems the breaks sometimes


Yes its true the only fish boated all day was nice trevally by deckie Tac (the jigging Mentor), it went down well to be informed by skipper that this was the first non eventfull trip this season and had recently boated 42 kings on another trip. :05: Thats fishing i suppose. But good day to catch up with new faces and have a drink :beersmile: Cheers Dave

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