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Great Day On Billfisher And Broadbill On The Weekend Out Wide

Ross Hunter

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Last report we caught yellowfin from 8 to 12kg ..with one rouge to 21kg.So naturally we headed out to do similar.....Some very smart man once told me "never leave fish to find fish' That is a a great saying and so true, so we headed back to the same area .I was first to arrive when the two flat rods screamed on a double strike. Our anglers who had never caught a fish bigger than a toad before jumped up and eventaully caught the fish . both around 8 kg. Back. Out with the gear and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzOff she goes the Bloodshot tuna Hunter is devoured . This time the Tiagra screams in agony as line pours off for maybe a couple of minutes....My crewman Johnny "the human bollard" Giles looks up at me and says "I think I might get the big gaff back out". We had stowed it away because of the smaller fish turning up and the bigger "winter" fish shrinking.

After 20 minutes of see sawing grunting,groaning, pumping and puffing we get colour on a real nice tuna . It had been a while since we had caught a good fish and I was thrilled when I saw the size and colour as the fish angled up at the transom.

A good gaff shot and 30 kg of yellowfin joined the anglers on Broadbill...not expected but greatly appreciated by Capt and crew.

Bill fisher was hooked up beside us on a triple which they evetually caught.

A great day was had on both boats with a beaut bunch of guys who really did appreciatte the day.



Cheers Ross

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