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hey guys

Hit the bay on sunday and tried around for squid although it was windy

and this puts them off i couldnt raise or spot 1..

i tried between yarra point and bare island...

frenchmans bay looked like prime squid territory rocky, sandy, reefy but the drift was way to quick

it was 3-6mtrs deep in most placeds and the bottom was very visible.. has any1 tried there be4?

had any1 got squid in the bay of late?

any other spots u guys could recommend??

cheers steve


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I don't fish the bay much but it would be a real B!tch in a strong southerly like we had yesterday. Shallow , expansive waters... not good. BUt if your drift is to fast then anchor up! Work an area thoroughly and then move on to do the same.

I find that is the only way I can fish for squid sometimes. Had to emply the anchor a couple of times yesterday myself in pittwater to get some squid. CHeers kelvin

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