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The Maiden Voyage


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Took the Yak out for its maiden Fish yesterday,

I put in at Bayview on the famous Hen and Chicken bay in an attempt to fish the change then runout tides. Fishing was slow at first, with not a fish boated in the first hour or two, but as the tide got lower things began to pick up, with 5 Bream to 34cms, 4 Whiting and a lone flatty falling to the Silent assasin in about an hour. I left them biting after that due to the :wife: getting cranky and the wind getting a bit cool in wet cloths.

All in all i was impressed with the stability and control of the Hobie Outback, even in the 20 knot wind and associated chop, i never felt uncomfortable or in danger.

With preliminary testing and fish catching abilitys apparent its time for the fish in my local waters to really start worrying.

Stay tuned for the next installment of...

The Silent Assasin

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Good stuff mate. I bet you get a better top speed out of your baby then my thing :biggrin2: . Do you have the foot padels, how does it go? I am sure she will give you a lot of joy.

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Yeah mate, I got the Hobie outback fish. Its got the pedals, but iv'e upgraded to the turbo fins and i recon i could just about tow skiers behind the bloody thing.

But the best thing is i can pedal all day and don't get worn out too much at all. I can travel large distances effortlessly, which will come in handy in places like the Nepean. One of the advantages of using your legs instead of your arms. I can pedal against current to maintain my possition when fishing bridges etc and cast while cruising along a bank, it trolls with ease and i can manouver while fighting fish.

Its worth every cent

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have ya got a link for us to check these things out?


I just got on MSN and punched in 'hobie cat' and that gave me all the australasian infomation.

...And Newatthegame sorry i didn't say G'day, I should be more social. I bearly got a touch around that side of the bay, I got all my hits around Wymston Prd. Though iv'e caught some crackers were you blokes were. Just be persistant.


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