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Middle Harbour 28/11


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Gday All

With uni exams over, got out for a session with the boys in Middle Harbour.

Never been their before on my boat, wasnt quite sure of the 'spots.'

So we started off just before the spit bridge trying to jig some squid, no luck whatsoever. Probaly inexperience from the deckies and very deep water.

Then tried trolling a minnow and a squid strip around the moorings, under the bridge and to the over side. No luck also. Finally anchored up in the moorings and threw a few servo prawns out, just so the boys could catch something. Long story short, I got about 15+ small pinkies, one mate got 2, and the other 2 got nothing. We were fishing the same bait, same rig, same line class, and they just couldnt convert. Very frustrating on their behalf, even if it was only a 15cm snapper.

After the bait ran out, we went for a swim at clontarf beach, mucked around for a while. On the way back to the ramp, trolled a few lures around Bantry Bay for nothing also.

So all up, not much caught at all, but a good day enjoyed by all.

Only downside my new sounder wouldnt power up, second time ive gone to use it also.

Their were a few boats around the spit fishing for kings by anchor and downrigging, but we did not see any strikes whatsoever.

Anyway cheers Shaun

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The kings are there but they are hard to tempt. Just imagine if you were a kingie living in Middle harbour....all those baits being waved infront of you!

But having fun is the name of the game and there are some great places for kids to run around! My kids love it there. Cheers Kelvin

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