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My Wire Is Fraying On My Scotty Downrigger


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Hi guys

My waire is fraying on my scotty 1050 downrigger about 1.5 meters from the bomb. I was wondering, does this mean I will have to chaange the whole lot ? or is there a way of playing with the depth gauge so I can reset that 1.5 meters? this will help me save manily "time" not to mention a bit of money?

appreciate any suggestions



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hi kelp,

i cant see why you can't shorten the wire to remove the damaged section - ensure that you crip the wire securely as those bomb can cost some $$$ and it would be terible to loose 1

in regards to adjusting the clock - i dont know how to do it - but im sure it can be done - at the same time you should add the differance (distance) from where the rigger is mounted to the wate - on mine its about a metre.

i also refer to the sounder regarding deph as i work in metres and the rigger in feet

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If the wire is only frayed at the bottom then just cut and crimp it! EASY MATE!

If it is frayed at numerous places then get it replace cause otherwise you'll lose your bomb ($50) and waste a day out on the water.

The downrigger wire is not that expensive to replace (under $100).

As the the counter, you can definitely zero it, just by tweaking the internals or the roller which is connected to the counter.

hope that helps,



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