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Sunday On Pittwater


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After about 6 months off the water, the new 40hp 3 cylinder Tohatsu arrived. We installed it on Saturday, and were out at first light on Sunday. We launched at Bayview, and headed out to the Western side of Scotland Island fo a drift in the moorings. A quick word on the motor - it flies. We have had an early ninties Evinrude 25 for the last 6 years or so, and it always felt underpowered in our 4.1m tinny. So the 40 has been a revalation. With four of us on board, we were up and planing with barely a flick of the wrist. What a difference. I could not resist a bit of a hoon across the bay to Scotland Island.

Back to the fishing. Scotland Island proved a dead loss. One 25cm small Snapper was released. We then moved up to a point that was North West of our position. We dropped lines and drifted. The Southerly pushed us around into the nearby bay very quickly, but not before we all had some reasonable bites. We motored back and ran the drift again, with the same results. But the bites were all near to the point. We decided to drop an anchor to hold the position where the bites were.

We soon had a Flounder on board. I had a a whole baby squid on, and took a big hit. The fish hooked up and began some circling runs beneath the boat, but too deep to see. Then it decided to move away, and it unwound my spool in a few long bursts. I tightened the drag, but not too much as I was only fishing 8lb mono with a 12lb leader. I basically kept up the tension and just slowed it down when I could. The fish ended up about 30 - 40m from the boat. After about 5 minutes suddenly the tension was gone and I was left thinking that I had either been snapped off or bitten off. I wound in the line, and found my whole trace there. The hook had just let go. I only had a small 1.0 suicide on and it just proved too small I think. I never fish such small gear, it was just that i never expected the big hit. I'm not sure what was there, as it never once surfaced. I don't think that it was a toothy beast, as it would have bit me off. Maybe a Kingy or a Jew, as I have landed a few without a wire trace in the past. Any other suggestions???

Finally, my mate landed a nice kilo plus Flathead. At that point it was time to go, as the cut off was 9.00am for some family commitments. We'll be back out there on Sunday imagine, for another early.

It's great to be back on the water!!!

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Well done mate. Sounds like a good day on the water.

My guess would be a rat king as they seem to be rampant now.

Also, a word of advise, i own a Tohatsu 30hp and its been great. Ive been told by at least 2 tohatsu mechanics that they are fantastic motors but you do need to run them in according to the manual.

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