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:1welcomeani: Snapper1,

I have never used a downrigger so I can't help you with the tangling.

But you do have to have the boat moving.

A very slow troll is what is needed.

Maybe once you do this it will prevent the line from tangling.

Hope this helps.

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a speed on genrally 1-2 knots is the way to go...

if u read back mate theres STACKS n STACKS of info about downrigging,

just look for previous post from either "namesay" or "netic" and ur on the right track mate..

everythng u need to know is amongst these post...

goodluck with the DR best of luck

cheers steve

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Mate as Steve has suggested you do a very slow trolling speed.

The best advice i can give you is to maybe go out on a charter with Pete Le Blang who is Sydney's most experienced downrigger.

Both Namesay and I learnt this technique from him i know many members have been out with him to learn how to use a downrigger correctly, Like Big Steve

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