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Glenbawn Report


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Howdy all,

We spent the weekend camping/fishing Glenbawn Dam recently and had a ball.

The weather turned out perfect for us and with first hand reports of good catches, we were keen to get amongst the fish.

As it turned out, we didn't do that well but we had a very interesting - hilarious - experience.

The first morning we hit the water in Trouble's boat. He was kind enough to lend it to his dad and three old blokes for the weekend - good onya Robbie!!

We tried a few places using fresh yabbies and a few different lures with no result.

Pulled in to one of the small islands, got off the boat and flicked some bait and lures in among the structures. After spotting an eel tailed catfish close to shore, Peter managed to coax him onto his hook and we had our first catch for the weekend.

No further action there so we decided to move on to another spot close in to the shoreline, with a lot of trees and structure - it looked perfect!

Clive, trying to cast into a prime spot, cast too high and the yabbie ended up over the branch of a large tree....with the yabbie dangling in mid air about 2 metres above the water.

Well, you had to see the rest to believe it, but this lizard bolted down the trunk of the tree and LAUNCHED himself at the yabbie.


The lizard wanted that yabbie and was shaking his head from side to side, swinging in mid air while Clives hanging on to his rod trying to wind him in!!!!!

Peter ended up jumping overboard, swam over and climbed the tree, cut the line and threw the lizard into the boat.

Great idea Pete!!

Here's this poor lizard with a hook through its nose, thrashing around on the floor of the boat, with three big blokes standing on the seats.

Anyway, as it turned out, yours truly managed to pluck up the nerve to pick the poor little bugger up, cut the hook and release him to fight another day.

Oh, JDS managed a 58cm BASS after whinging about how poor the fishing was!! I could wait a lifetime to catch one that big.

No further luck but we had a Great weekend.

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hopefully i do alittle better as im going up in a couple of weeks to give them bass a try with some mates for a boozing trip.

A mate and i always seem to get lizards down in the nepean using spinnerbaits close to the banks with grubtails.

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