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Pittwater The Other Day


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Due to personal and work commitments, I haven't had a chance to put a report together for the other day, when I went out fishing with Kelvin ....

Kelvin and I arrive at Bayview boat ramp just after 6am, with the sky clear and not a breath of wind.

We quickly motor off to squid spot number one, with no one home. Squid spot number two and three results in some rather small squid boated. There were squid smaller then the jig, and there were a lot of very timid squid which would not take the jigs. Off to squid spot 4 and we score some better size quid, some whoppers amongst them. Several of the squid were so big and strong, they took drag off our reels. After I convince Kelvin for one last squid drift we head to King spot number one.

As we head towards King spot number 1, we see a mass of what initially looked like fog. Upon closer inspection, it is more like clouds, and they are moving at rapid speed. Unfortunately we have to motor straight through the cloud and once inside the cloud, the sun disappears, wind picks up to 30/40 knots and there are white caps everywhere. The wind and chop does not die down all day, we have to deal with it.

Arriving at King Spot 1, we troll around a weedy spot where Kelvin has been braining the Kings in the last week. As Kelvin was explaining the weedy edge and drop on the sounder, the Torsa screams but stops as I pick up the TCurve off the rod holder. I reel the line in slowly and see the squid a few metres behind the boat. Kelvin yells out there is a fish behind it, and as the squid squirts it's ink, it is smashed by the first King of the day. As I bring the fish close to the boat, Kelvin directs me to loosen the drag on the Torsa, I oblige but loosen it too much and result in a birds best, oops sorry Kelvin. After a short fight a 70cm King is boated, and the pressure is off to land a King for the day.

We troll the same spot a couple more times, with the Tailor becoming a nuisance and stealing our prized squid. Kelvin's experience comes into play and he suggests using a cuttlefish, as he has a theory that they are tough and aggresive buggers and always attract the larger fish. As we pass the strike zone, the TCurve buckles and the Torsa belts out another scream. I take the rod off the holder to feel immediately that this was a good fish. I tighten the drag to put a holt to the run, and the TCurve and Torsa come into their own. The rod and reel stand firm, keeping form during the strong battle. As I bring the fish closer to the boat, I loosen the drag (carefully this time) to avoid the hook pulling during the King's last runs. Again the Torsa handles the strong last runs very easily, very smooth and firm. We see colour and Kelvin nets a nice fat healthy esturine 85cm King, a PB for me :-)

It's now Kelvin's turn, and upon passing the strike zone the TCurve arches over and we are on again. This time it is only a rat and it is promptly released. A few more runs over the area brings in some Tailor, so we motor off to King Spot 2.

Trolling around the bay at King Spot 2, we find bait fish over a wreck, but can't tempt any fish. After 45 minutes or so, we head off to King Spot 3, an area called the "Supermarket". Apparently named because there are a variety of fish caught in this area. Again we troll around moorings and a wreck, and get nothing except some more pesky Tailor.

As we are about to troll another area, the wind gusts and my hat falls off. We motor towards the hat, and the braid gets caught in the motor, oops, sorry again Kelvin. After untangling the braid, we decide the wind was just too much and we would call it a day. It takes 4 times as long as normal to get back to the ramp, due to the wind and chop. Once there the wind plays havoc with Kelvin, whilst trying to trailer his boat, I had never see the wind push the boat offline so quickly. Eventually we are off home.

All in all a great result for a days fishing. The weather was inclement, however the results from squidding and fishing more then made up for it.

Thanks to Kelvin for showing me around Pittwater, and lending his expert advice. It was great to use some quality gear, and one can see why the TCurve and Torsa have such a good reputation, a shame I did not get to use the Stella. I take home a PB King and some nice calamari for a great feed.



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By the way what was the score on the squid?....Ha Ha Cheers Kelvin

Ha ha, you had to bring that up didn't you !!!

I thought I was good when I brought in the FIRST one. Kelvin quickly overtook me and beat me hands down. I still think it was the Stimulate you put on your jig, and the metho you rubbbed onto mine.

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I think we should have round 2 with these kingies 445f as without the wind I think we could have had a great bite going....by the way it wasn't metho that I rubbed on your jig , it was DIOXIN...ha hah. CHeers Kelvin

Yes, who knows what records we could have broken if there was no wind. We certainly did well in such horrific conditions.

Will definately revisit Pittwater again, beautiful waterways.

Ah ha, I thought the squid jig smelt like the fish out of Sydney Harbour, yum dioxin.

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