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Non Slip Shoes/sandals


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Hi everyone i would like some info regarding footwear for use at boat ramps , i currently have wet suit type boots but they do not provide any traction on slippery ramps, i have come a gutsa a number of times. "Never a good outcome being 6 foot and weighing 130kgs" I would like to know if anyone can recommend , maybe sandal type footwear that is suitable for slippery ramps, any help appreciated.

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There is a "Rock Spike' Fishing boot available for about $70 from any decent tackle/boating shop. They are similar to the neoprene boots you already haves so give good ankle protection, should you twist your ankle or slip in amongst oysters etc, They have rubber covered metal spikes on them. When walking on 'ok' surfaces, the spikes are virtually covered by the rubber but as soon as you get onto a slippery surface, the rubber retracts & the spikes dig in. They are much more comfortable to wear than the old metal cleats. My neighbour (rock fishing all the time) swears by them.

If you do get the 'crocs' - beware of cheap imitations! The 'real' ones are $50 - never seen them cheaper anywhere.



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Guest claudia

Hey Dave

Found a perfect pair of shoes for you, for fishing, they are non slip , they go up to size 14 feet, they might be a little expensive for you. $149.99 a pair



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