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  1. Hi Hank Just checked with my buddy - Yes, it was Grant in the kayak (who has caught probably in excess of 20 marlin from kayak plus numerous 20lb+ snapper, wahoo, big spanish & spotties, cobia, tuna of all sorts & even sharks ......) He said that a charter boat had asked if he had a marlin on - but it was a bit spanish! Mystery solved! cheerio Roberta
  2. You have to be very careful of what knot you use to join leader to braid - if it is too big, it can get 'stuck' in the middle of the rod. I have a 'lookalike' Interline (not Daiwa) and when I used it in NZ a couple of years ago, the knot got caught up & when I tried to pull it out, it pulled a part of the interior of the rod with it! I am in the process of fixing it now! A yak buddy has one & loves it. Roberta
  3. Great day out on the water, Hank - shame the fish didn't play their part tho! Not 100% if it is Grant - but I know that he has a 'triple rig' that he puts up the front of his yak for his flag, bait rod etc, so reckon it could be him!! I'll try & track down some other pics of his rig as comparison. At least you were out there, giving it a shot! Better luck next time. Great pics - looks like "peak Hour' for boaties!! cheerio Roberta
  4. Good points, SM - sadly I have major arthritis in both of my thumbs & just cannot hold the worms hard enough to pull them out by hand! I try by hand now & then just to 'keep in touch' - but if I want to get worms to go fishing, I just use the pliers! Sweet As! A few years back, a 'so called fisheries expert' (aka clown) claimed that worms 're-grew' their heads after being broken off ...... now THAT, I've gotta see!!
  5. Great result, Hank - and very fair on both of you. cheers Roberta
  6. Well done, Jeff! Tick that one off your list!! Great that your buddies were able to put you on to them! Roberta
  7. Hmmmmm ....If the worms are 'slipping thru' with the plastic pliers - I reckon you may have just 'slackened off' the pressure a bit & are just not gripping them hard enough. Keep the grip really firm once you 'go for the neck' & all should be well. The teeth of the plastic ones 'wear down' a bit after a while anyway .... so I wouldn't file them down, myself - tho well done, if it has helped you get the worms! The springs on the Alvey plastic ones makes them easier to use than the brass ones, which you have to manually open & close - whereas the plastic ones 'open on their own' because of the spring, requiring one less step when they are 'on'. I've tried both & personally prefer & recommend the plastic ones as they are much lighter as well. Most gently sloping East Coast beaches should have beach worms - tho council spraying for Bitou bush has killed the worms on some beaches, as they spray when there is an offshore breeze - so the poison goes on to the sand & kills the worms as well, sadly. cheers Roberta
  8. G'Day, Rut I was up at SWR back creek just 10 days ago, but wasn;t fishing much as my husband was doing the triathlon there. There is incredible flow at the foot bridge there - I've tried in the past to catch blackies there, with limited success ...... I'll try harder next time! Yes, it usually takes a little while to 'work it out' but if you have an experienced mentor - it will cut months off your 'learning experience'! Yes - patience, patience & patience are the 3 main requirements needed for blackie fishing To satisfy my curiosity could you answer a couple of questions on your choice of gear. What mainline do you use ? - I use use YGK Nitlon Top Water which I have used for the past 15 years without any trouble, no need to use vaseline/silicon etc. You just need to trim off a little line after a few heavy sessions which everyone should do. Quite a few of my fishing partners have been 'converted' to use this line - not cheap @ $25 for 100m. Run mainline at 14lb trough float with adjustable stopper, then a short length of 12lb line with a running weight, then finish with 8lb Vanish as leader. My logic is if you get snagged/hit a stingray/pelican etc the 8lb line breaks and you do not lose all your pre-weighted float rig etc Personally, I use 20lb Powerpro braid for the Breakwall with about 20lb+ 'sinker' line and then the leader is about 10lb ......I use much less breaking strains when fishing from the yak - but have been busted off by some whopper lease blackies ..... so will upgrade to higher gear soon, I reckon. The braid floats & makes it much easier to see & 'mend the line' and prevent big 'bellies' in the line so you are fighting the fish 'directly' once you set the hook after the float has 'dunked' - yet the leader is light enough to break if you get an 'unstoppable' rather than losing your float & have to re-rig! I use size 8/10 Mustad Sneck Ultrapoint hooks [green] - what's your preference ? I don't mind what hooks I use, so long as they are small enough to fit their somewhat 'small mouths' - so size 8 to 10 in general ...... I've even used Suicide hooks - they really just need to be VERY SHARP as they have tough bony mouths. So long as there is no 'kirb/bend' in the hook .... most styles are suitable (tho I wouldn't use long shank hooks.) What do you use as a stopper. I used to use fine cotton as a stopper but sometimes found if you tied it too tight and wanted to move it it would stretch the line. I have been using a range of rubber stoppers, some work better than others [some slip - you have to keep on eye on your depth particularly if you are getting plenty of action] I have used commercially prepared rubber stoppers, but I think they are less reliable now than they used to be - I now use wool, tied to the main line with a double uni knot & trimmed so it goes thru the runners nicely. It really 'grabs' well when you do the 'double knot' and snug it up with some spit! I would NEVER use thicker mono line tied onto a mono line as a stopper - as the friction will weaken the main mono line & it will surely bust under pressure. Yes, you need to keep an eye on 'where' the stopper is (relative to the runners on your rod when wound fully in) so that IF the stopper has moved you know you need to readjust the depth of the stopper before casting again. I have two Wilson Livefibre 10'6" rods which are just brilliant. I only fish estuary locations, no rock fishing. I've never tried a Wilson Livefibre rod yet, but have no doubt I will, one day, as they are considered superlative rods! I have a few blackie rods that I use off the Breakwall that were custom built for someone that I was lucky enough to come across in a local 2nd Hand shop ..... I have a Jarvis Walker Black Queen that I use in my kayak. I tend not to fish the rocks these days, too. Looking forward to upcoming blackfishing season. We are so lucky here in Forster - we can fish for Blackies all year round!! I must get back into it more often! cheers & hope you are catching heaps! Roberta
  9. arpie

    Paikea's decal

    Looks great, Mate - shame your buddies couldn't join you! Damn! Better luck next trip! cheerio Roberta
  10. Now THAT sounds almost pornographic, Paikea!! Had to laugh tho!! There is logic behind your reasoning of putting it on your lures tho! Let us know how you go?? Cheerio Roberta
  11. Holy Moly - that must have been a pretty BIG shark to take such a large bit out of your reasonably big jewie like that!! Well done - looks like you've had a great few sessions on the water! Roberta
  12. It will definitely be interesting to see which 'brand' were used!!! Pretty sure Hobies are still all made in the US of A! cheers Roberta
  13. he, he, I have WAY too many fishing mags as well - some dating back to the 70s ..... but believe it or not - there is terrific information even in the 'older' mags - before a lot of the 'more modern' lures & Fish Finders were available to the general public! I tend to take them with me when we travel & try to read them whilst away - then leave them in the 'library' at the Caravan Parks we stay in!! Most are near water & there would be plenty of 'fishos' ready to read them - even the old ones! I hope one of our younger readers jumps at the opportunity - they have a wealth of information in them! Good on you for making them available, Paikea cheerio Roberta
  14. Congratulations, Scratchie! Terrific fish - well done! And newbie bass fisho to boot!! cheers Roberta
  15. I noticed that the tides were 'off' a couple of years ago & was told that they had changed from using the people who have calculated it 'forever' and were now using a university to 'guestimate' it, with a computer program! The heights of the tide appear to be 'off' as well! The chart may say that it is a 1.5m tide, yet it is overlapping the jetties here - which would indicate a 2m tide! (tho this may also be the result of a big water event following torrential rain, as well?) These inaccuracies could actually cause accidents in 'shallow lakes' like Wallis - as people may go too fast in the wrong spot & run into the shallow sand bars that are abundant here! We get extreme 'low/lows' following the 'high/highs' following the King Tides in Jan & April - depending on where you fish, you could even be stranded if you go across a shallow area at high tide & can't get back across in the low! At Forster, you can use the Coastal Patrol Bar Cam to actually 'guestimate' the tide - check it out here: http://www.marine-rescue.com.au/bom/liveCam.html Put the cursor on the pic & on 'Scale' click the 'Down' until it shows the pond next to the breakwall. Right now (10am) it is showing pretty well 'dead low' as there is no water in the pond. Obviously, in about 6hrs, it should be full of water - or close to high! If you click on this link & choose South West Rocks - it appears to have a similar tide time to the Forster Breakwall/lake! http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/tides/ To get the actual 'beach tide', you would have to allow it being 'low' 2-3hrs earlier? A Casio Tide Watch is relatively cheap & is a great way to keep on top of the tides, once you have calibrated it to your area (tho it doesn't work way up north, with the massive tides they have there.) cheers Roberta
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