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Big Trevally On Botany Bay 02 Dec


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Hi all,

Quick report for Botany Bay.

My mum and I headed out about 08:30 (between all the speed boats $$$$$) over to Kurnell Oil Wharf and anchored up with about 6 other boats.

Burlied up and in come the redies. I floated a No 2 long shank out and landed a 41cm Trevally, my biggest to date in the Bay. Landed one more at 37cm and their baby.

A Sargent Baker then wanted the No 2 long shunt as a permanent throat ornament so i cut the line and let him limp home.

I then picked up the 4lb'er and felt a heavy drag, yes the good old octopus. This time he was hooked good and proper through the tentacle. I brought him up to the surface near the boat to remove the hook and he grabbed it. I d'hooked him but he hung around on the back of the boat for about 10min.

At about 11:30 the Southerly hit and it went from glass to chop in a matter of minutes. Head back but the ramp was full of speed boats coming & going so waited in line with all the other boats running from the southerly.

Chat to you next time.


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