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Quick Session Off Botany


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G'day Raiders,

Havent posted in a while as i havent done much fishing aside from getting into the rats here and there.

Hit the water 10am saturday morning with Noddy who was keen to give his boat a run after servicing the motor last week. Late start especially that we knew the Southerly was gonna blow sometime during the day but we were hoping to get a few hours in.

got to the spot at 10:30 got some mowies, and some reef rubbish.

Then i got my first Pearl Perch, measured 40.5cm and went down really well with a Corona last night!

At 11:30, and as soon as we felt the slightest Southerly breeze we packed up and bolted in. Noddy insisted to leave, i must admit i whinged as the fish were biting.

By the time we wer in the bay the water was white capping so i guess i learnt a lesson...

got to the ramp and had to wait 20 minutes before we got our turn to get out.

Generally i would have said yeah better than nothing but i was quite happy with my fish!



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