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Super-size Sunfish Causes A Stir


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Super-size sunfish causes a stir

Waterton woman Dani Rose took her son for a walk along the beach near their home to see if they could see the icebergs floating off the coast but what they found was just as unbelievable.

They found a three metre long, three and a half metre wide sunfish.

When the pair got closer to the fish Mrs Rose thought it was a wounded seal or something similar and was cautious before she realised it was a dead fish.

Mrs Rose had called a number of government departments to find out what to do about the fish but found it was difficult to get any information.

Another Waterton local Peter Blain said he remembers a similar occurrence about 40 years ago on the beach but couldn’t not recall if that fish was as big as this one.

A number of residents were making guesses as to how, and why, the sunfish came to end up on the beach but authorities could not be reached last night for an expert opinion.


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