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Why Do Mullet Jump?


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I've just spent a bit of time down at the bay catching poddies for a quick mid-week tomorrow.

As the sun sunk slowly in the west(ish) the larger mullet came in and from time to time were jumping out of the water. It got me thinking why do they do it?

It is most certainly not to escape as there isn't a lot of other species in ten inches of water over the mud of Gunnamatta Bay.

Do they get excited? Do they need to get better oxygen? or are they too stupid to notice where the water ends?

I'm sure there is someone out there in fishraider land that has the complete answer.



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i think it has something to do with them needing to expell air from their bladder, or something like that. Dont take that as gospel. I cant really remember off the top of my head.

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G`day Fellas ,

Most Mullet jump because they are Happy .

A Happy Mullett , of course is one who can leap tall bow waves , and hurdle mangroves pencils .

Now the Happiest Mullet of course are the Sand Mullet , they are the ones you see in all the local lagoons !.

The unhappy ones are of course , the Bully Mullet ....for Obvious reasons !!.


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