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Beach Fishing 5/12


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Went to Long Reef last night for a beach fish. Took a couple of live yakkas to go for a jewfish.

The weather was a shocker with wind and lots of weed in the water. After an hour or so gave

up due to the weed/wind situation. Only thing caught was a ray.Should have done some better

scouting for a spot. I just read in the Manly Daily that the entrance of the Lagoon to the ocean

will be opened today. It might be a good night to fish the beach at North Narrrabeen on the high

tide for a jewie.

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bad luck mate that wind was terible, i soaked live squid in the harbour last night for a jew. not even a touch. seems to happen a lot with me lately.

yeah i was thinking the same about northy. got some squide left from last night. what do you reckon the wind will be like there.

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Had my first fishless seshion on the beach this year on tuesday night, everything seemed so right, how wrong i was!! Added a heap of burley,had a great tide and gutter!! Not even a touch on fresh squid,live worms and live mullet :ranting2: quite frustrating!!

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If anyone is going Beach Fishing in the next few weeks and want's to teach me how let me know, got a custom made beach rod dad had made back in the 70's or 80's, he used to fish up around Narrabeen/Newport area alot but too far from Penrith for him! Let me know I'm keen to watch and learn!

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