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Where To Fish? I Am Confused


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I am not sure if this topic is too naive. I am new to NSW and I want to do some fishing here.

However, after checked the DPI website for 3 days, I feel completedly confused.

Are there any easy way to know:

Where is the nearest place allowed to fish?

Where is the nearest place allowed to get shellfisher?

Can I fish at a certain place?

Can I get shellfish at a certain place?

Also, I have heard that it is not allowed to do any fishing in any way in the whole Sydney Harbour? Is it true?

Sorry for these questions, I am really don't know where to start.

Thanks :)

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I know you said you had been on the DPI site for three days but i think the NSW Fisheries site (click HERE) is pretty good at pointing you in the right direction.

Just dont get bogged down in reading absolutely everything just zero in on what you need.

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Thanks for the replies :) Sorry to haven't given enough information :)

I live near Central Station. I haven't a car here so basically I can only go to the place where bus/train/ferry can reach. I can also walk for a while ( < 5km )

I am interested in catch some shellfishes because I will go with my friends. Since they have no gears so maybe catching shellfishes is easy to them.

I have read the DPI website, it does give a lof of useful informations. The only thing confused me is the closures. I am afraid that missing a line will finally result in a fine :(

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Absolutely not true !! Just about everywhere in the Harbour is available for fishing .



Probably it is just some thing about common sense :)

So normally if you go to a new fishing place, what do you do to check if it is allowed to fish or not? Check the website? or do they have signs on site? :)


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