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Sp Set Up


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Hi Lasty,

Welcome to the SP-fishing fiesta!!!!


I guess you might be chasing the bread and butter species (bream/flatties/trevally) with the plastics hey?

Well when you first start I guess its hard to know which direction to start.

I would definitely recommend a good quality graphite rod, and a good threadline/spin reel. It doesn't have to be mega-expensive. Most versatile characteristics would probably be:

1)6'6" to 7 foot rod

- the higher modulus graphite the better, lighter and more sensitive

- fast action rod/blank

- 2-4kg line class

2) 2000-2500-3000 size reel, depending what your chasing, but a good quality reel 2500 size would do great for most purposes.

-remember it not bait fishing, so you got to cast ally day without being so tired

3) fireline/gelspun/braid is a must. probably start with 6lb-8lb range.

sp fishing has a much better feeling with braid (direct feel)

4) flurocarbon leader (invisibile to fish, a bit of cushioning so you dont rip the hook out of th fishes mouth)

5) get good quality jigheads (you will hook much more fish)

-the lightest possible for the job (more natural presentation)

Hope this helps, just pm me for specific setups brands/species you would like more info on.

Cheers mate,


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