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Offshore Sydney Weekend


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Hey guys, Well this weekend i decided to have a break from King fishing and focus on getting me a beakie as great reports were coming through all week.

Day 1

Saturday morning we head out in Johns CougarCraft, First stop was to find us some livies, found a school of slimies and collected around 10.....all around 25cm (perfect Marlin Bait), So we set course to Browns and got the spread out.

We reached the shelf and spotted a Pod of Dolphins, whilst admiring them my mate yells out whats that....i look and its a Marlin following our lure, hitting it with its beak....i quickly call to get the slimy rigger so we can switch bait the bastard but he loses interest 20 seconds later and dissapears before we could get the livie out to him. Oh well

We continue to troll till about 12kms east of browns and then decided to turn arounmd and troll back.....

NOw whilst trolling there was alot of radio talk, Alot of boats were hooking up to marlin but losing them....from memory about 15 boats hooked up and only heard of 1 landed.

We reached the shelf and thought we would cruise by the BB wide FAD, I had radio'd Sammy and CFD earlier in the day to grab the Co-ords so we lock her in and went.

As we approached the fad we saw the best thing any fad fisher could see......Jumping dollies...but we didnt have any bait as we really only went there to see if they had arrived, we threw lasers at them and trolled minnows and landed 3....all small about 40-45cm...then we had to leave due to fuel running low so we made a run home.

NO marlin but atleast we found out the dollies are starting to show up. Unfortunately john slept through the dollie catching so he could pop his dollie cherry but he will very soon.


We decided after after our non successful day on Saturday that we would give it another shot but this time head to the Baitstation.

Headed out in Steves Stacer, this time we couldnt find the slimies so we decided to get the spread going. Trolled north and trolled for hours without a touch, Also didnt hear of any marlin reports on the radio.

Decided to head to the waverider to see if we could find any more dollies....No dollies there but they were plenty of rat kings....45cm to 55cm...caught a few before we got bored ans started trolling again...

We troll for around 40 more minutes and by now we decided to troll back to the heads, All of us half asleep and looking very tired......then 5 minutes later....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ reel goes off....

Turn back and its the smallest reel the tekota 800 which we had out for Striped Tuna......We grab the rod and realise pretty quick smart its not a marlin......but were very curious...then we get a jump and realise its a nice size dollie...

We bring her in and we boat a 85cm Dollie.....good stuff....definately woke us up....we decided to give it another hour but we dont get a touch....

So for 2 days of offshore fishing we get 1 85cm Dollie, A few smaller ones, Some rat kings and a look at a beautiful Beakie.

But no Marlin for me......but thats fishing and i will continue to chase one till i land it........

But good news for everyone is that the dollies are showing up so get out there and have a go at them

Heres some pics of the dollie

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Guest fishrunner

Good on ya Netic :biggrin2:

Bad luck on the marlin front, but good to hear a few dollies turning up relatively early in the seaon :thumbup:

cheers :beersmile:

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Good on ya Oz and Steve that Dollie would have been mad fun, Still looks like 2 fun days Oz even without the Marlin, Tell john to take sea sick tablets not sleeping tablets. LOL . I was out today but way to sloppy for my boat . Cheers Dave

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Guest Sea Jay

Well done netic mate great to see that some dollies are starting to appear, Your heart must have been going a 100 mile an hour when you saw the marlin nudging your lure.

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