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I Had A S%$^ Weekend How About Yours?


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Sorry for a long post

After having the last 3days from hell

I thought to my self why we do it for ?

I have been setting the boat up and doing many things on it,s setup for some chritsmas fishing

so i don,t need to fix things over christmas holidays when i should be fishing.

I have been going really well and then i took the wheels off the tralier.then :1badmood:

i decided to check the bearings which i haven,t since purchasing the boat in sept this year

Well this is where it all starts

Remove the brake caliper lossen top bolt fine loosen bottom bolt oh no this bolt hits the leaf spring

and still has around 5mm more to come up for the caliper to be able to be removed.

In my haste i decide just to lossen the axle u bolts (yeap this was a bad idea also),

I lossen 2 Nuts they where a little hard okay then the others, one breaks and other stuck.

Then i pryed the leaf spring over and remove the caliper.

I take the discs off with no hassles

Check the caliper sliding bush that was stuck which then was twisting the caliper which then wore the

the pads onto a splay/uneven

Okay next day during my breaks i race around to get parts

Bearings got okay

new brake pads okay

New caliper bolts also

NO U bolts

Then got the disc Machined up on the faces (due to rust )

get home and cut the u bolts off and then try to race around before closing

to get some (yes my bolts are not common :thumbup::biggrin2: )

Found a place but closes in 5mins okay well i will sort it out on sat after work

Well i raced over to kogorah and picked up some.

get home then decided to fit it all up :hitsfan: :hitsfan:

Packed bearings okay now where are the pads MMMMMMMMMMM

where did i put those after 2 hrs of searching they are not to be found

okay well i will fit the u bolts :ranting2:

i knew the size i wanted but that is not what i bought 5mm to narrow

okay well i will bolt it all up then drop the pads in after whilst bolting the caliper on i put my head down

and smahed it on a jetski tralier hitch with the adjustable bolt on it. :mattarello:

I got up then decided to walk out of the garage in my rage i kick my barefoot on the big shifter i had out

to do the castle nut up.I walk out close the garage in pain. :1crybaby:

Well today no shops are open that has the parts i need so the trailer can sit and rust for all i care.

I never sat at home and ate food or drunk.

I went and spent $175 on accesories to put on the boat.Hope that won,t be as hard to fit up

I still have a little bit of a headache now and sore foot and dented pride.

Just thought i would get it off my chest and share it with you all and hope you get a laugh out of it.

I hope you had a better weekend then me.

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I know you have had a shocker but I think it comes down to this:-

Every man and his dog goes fishing in the first two weeks of the new year. You can almost walk across the water from boat to boat in every river on the coast. It is not a good time to be fishen.

This is when you should have worked on the trailer. You would have taken more time and nothing would have gone wrong (Murphy's Law). You would of had the shits anyway fishen when all the once a yearers where out, you may as well spend January tearing knuckles on rusty nuts.



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Guest danielinbyron

Dude , i wanna know what happens , when ya luck changes..

I bet it'll be just as godd as this was bad.

ps. is that an emoticom taking a dump to close to a fan??

Edited by danielinbyron
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The tralier is finished with no major hassles but lots of hours

Went back to the place i bought the pads off and i had left them there.

and I got the correct u bolts.Finished oneside.

Then onto the other

these bearings where shot and a caliper bolt completly rusted into the spot with

the bush.This has taken a little work but this side is now complete.

The trailer is now like brand new and stops as it should with cable brakes.


Daniel that emotions is the $hit hitting the fan

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I have the same job comming up and I am not looking foward to it. One part I have never tackled through is changing the leaf springs. Is it easily done or is there a particular knack to it. Also how did you go at getting your rusty discs machined. I'm not sure if iIwould be better off just replacing my discs as the rust looks a bit heavy.

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the leaf springs are easy i cut the bottom of the thread that was hanging out of the bolt then just un done the nuts. OR you can loosen them a little then just cut above the nuts this is alot easier as you don,t need to swing a spanner. When i say CUT i mean Angle grinder with a 1mm thick cutting disc. these things cut like a hot knife through butter.

Then the u bolts are off

I only done 1 side at a time as i didn,t have many jack stands and i didn,t need it doe in 1 day.

onto the leafs

mine only has a bolt at the front and i sprayed it with WD-40 or similair and then few hours later undone it.

But you need to remember you need jack stands under the tralier. Then i had the jack under the axle so the

axle didn,t just drop down.

Disc i had mine machined up at my local midas or any shop which does disc machining.My disc where similar to JJsydney in his thread about his wheel nuts.Probably not as bad but close.

If you are local i could give you a had if you wish and or explain a few things

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