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Weekend On The Lake Burley Griffin


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Hi all,

Thought I give you a quick update on the fishing conditions in the lake Burley Griffin in Canberra,

Saturday, met with Mondo, who came down from the Big Smoke Sydney to Canberra only to see all the smoke from Victoria I think, was hazing over the otherwise perfect sky. We have caught heaps of fish, in the end maybe about 50 reddies, none as big as last Sunday however, they are very aggressive at the moment, we were using SP and hard bodies, at one stage every time Mondo cast out a 3 inch stick bait he would get a hook up! Also dragging the plastics on the surface quite quickly produced some spectacular hits!

I was really good fun. :thumbup:

Sunday much the same as Saturday, lots of smaller fish and the occasional medium sized?

Caught far more larger fish on hard bodies them the SP however, which is a change?

No pictures this week as the fish were quite small and not worth the effort really.

By the way, apparently according to the ABC radio, some fisherman has caught a 108 cm Cod in the lake last Sunday!? Right where I was fishing for most of the day?

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Yeah it was a bit silly at one stage. So many redfin that you couldn't get your jig to the bottom without a hookup. Softies, hard bodies - it didn't matter. A fish on every cast.

Shame that they were all small though. The new challenge is to find a location that throws up some big mothers.

I'll leave the details to you Grebbo - just let me know when you find it!!

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