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Two Days, A Night, Two Men And A Tinnie!


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A slightly belated report, but here goes....

During last week, Crazedfisherdude and myself decided that we wanted to do an all nighter bait collecting session in botany bay in order to smash the kings the following morning, the weather was set to be perfect so friday afternoon came around and it was on.... After plenty of stuffing around trying to round up stupid heavy tackle, food, drinks, etc we were on our way to the ramp at about 11pm, we were greeted with a fresh 15kn S/E wind and some light drizzle... not happy... there was also a gentleman at the ramp cleaning a fat 15kg Bull shark that was pulled whilst live baiting for Jews at the Captain cook bridge, so yes kids, there are sharks in the georges river!....

Once on the water we made our way across the somewhat choppy bay to our livie spot, we dropped anchor and burled up, but the yakkas were coming along very slowly indeed, bycatch on the bait jigs included some freaky aquarium fish and a fat 27cm toothy critter of a bream which went back.

At about 2.30am, there was some fish starting to hit the surface at the livie grounds, we called them for everything from tailor, to yakkas, to mullet... but after Chris threw a 1/8 jighead with a 2" avocado wriggler we discoved what was a plague of stinky pike! something we have never come across in the bay before, so half a dozen made their way into the live tank to make friends with the yakkas...

3.15 saw us move around to our squid spot, with the wind still howling and piercing salt spray navigation was less than easy, but the Lowrance LMS339 managed to guide us to out spot where we dropped anchor and tied on the yo-zuris, the next hour and a half saw us boat one lollipop and two hoodlum specials, chris also managed to boat a 5kg+ cuttlefish on a spike, which promptly inked the back half of the boat with gusto!

5am saw the arrival of Big_steve and freind in 'Dilligaf' and the arrival of Sea Jay and Tunofun in the Bar Crusher, after a bit of chit chat we poked outside to out reliable kingy trolling grounds where we trolled for zip! we pressed on to out downrigging spot and set down the smalled live squid onto a school below and on the second pass it was smashed, a short but spirited fight late a 45cm Amberjack was boated! a first and a pb for me.. another squid went down and we continued to lap the schools for nothing, we tried the yakkas and pike for nil result...

Feeling somewhat tired, we made the call that it was time to get some dinner, so we set the GPS for the flattie grounds and steamed on, the first drift saw a few tiddlers go back and chris score a nice 45cm tiger which hit the ice, some more fresh bait and another drop saw a few more tiddlers go back chris have one spit the hook when it saw the boat.. In between listening to people getting onto Marlin and YFT on the VHF, and giving out GPS co-ords to netic, we get a call from sea jay, that the kings were back on the chew and we should get over asap! so while chris was rigging up some lures i snuck in one last drop, tap tap tap, strike... the rod buckles over and drag starts peeling off, feeling as exhausted as ever after winching up a good bit of weight, chris slipped the net under a fat 55cm tiger that was released onto the ice...that was our dinner sorted so it was time for some sport! we raced over to the kingy spot and set out a spread which resulted in 3 rats boated and as many dropped...

With exhaustion fully set in we called it a day at 12pm and headed back inside, after a stop at yarra bay for a snack and a drink, we made our way back to the ramp.

Good Day all up, taking home 2 good size flatties and a pair of squid tubes.

Chris should follow with a pic of the amberjack

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