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Flattie, Mowie Or Snapper Spots


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After jumping on board 'james1990's' awesome rig on sunday, and doing abit of reef fishing i want to start doing more of it in my own boat.

Unfortunately i only own a small fiberglass half cabin and i was wondering how far off the heads i need to travel to get into some of the above mentioned fish?

Of course the weather is the main thing I'm worried about, and the other thing I'm concerned about is the lack of fuel my boat carries. It does not have a built in fuel tank so iI'm restricted to about 40litres.

So realistically how many k's do i have to travel to get a feed of reefies? We were fishing meries reef off cronulla on sunday, and it was a very productive spot- its just a shame most fish were small.

Should i be looking for a certain depth or looking for some gps marks? My sounder is shit so i wont be able to see what surface is underneath (sand, gravel, reef ect..)

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Guest IFishSick.

I've got onto some snapper just outside of Botany Heads. Probably around 2 - 3 km's off the South head. Got a few legal snapper and was quite happy only to find a report put up the next day with a 5kg Snapper taken from the same spot.

Merrie's Reef or the Osbourne Shoal is a good spot for Kings in the summer if you're into those. All of the big fella's come out to play at night (up to 15kg) so when you are confident for some night fishing that's the place to go.

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Guest Big-Banana

You shouldn't have to travel far. I remember finding a great drop off from reef to gravel ina bout 20m from Botany Bay. It was about 2km out. Ill see if if can get you some marks mate.

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Mate i dont know botany well at all, But a mate of mine always comes home with snappers etc from the lighthouse outside botany..I dont even know where the lighthouse is.

Supposidly there is a reef there....

hope that helps

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