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Chasing Bass


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Hey mate, i have only just got into bass fishing and its bloody fun!! I just went on a bass trip with a few guys that really know what they are doing....from what i have picked up off them this is what i reckon....get the smallest lightest outfit you can find, I just bought a browning reel Aa405, which is the smallest little pin ass reel i have ever seen and mounted it on a 6 ft bass pro shop IM7 graphite rod, I have 1.8kg braid with 4 pound flurocarbon leader....so yeah...get a really light out fit that can cast tiny lures for miles...

ill show you a pic of my outfit in a sec...


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Thanks stewy

Sounds like i can take my heavy baitcaster as well!

I presume summer are the best months for hunting bass? Definately a weekend away when i get my boat.

Summer is ok for little bass but if you want the big ones spring and autumn is the go

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