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Kings Off Maroubra


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went out wed night and picked a likely looking spot to try for squid around bare island spent the night there with jigs and squid spikes out all night tried a few spots but only managed one squid, allthough he was huge and so i decided he would be for dinner instead of bait. I really need to get a better handle on catching squid!

started early this mourning downrigging the head from botany bay, north with a plan to head up to wedding cake island. got sick of the slow going after about an hour and so threw out a couple of small skirts to speed things up, didn't have to wait long scored a rat king just out from little bay.

continued trolling untill i got to the southern head land off maroubra, came across some surface activity which i thought was a school of salmon threw a small slice at them hooked up and after a nice little battle I was expecting to see a healthy aussie salmon, but to my surprise it was another rat king. turned out they were all kings landed about four more and then headed off to try and find some larger adversaries.

got to coogee and started to drift over some bait showing on the sounder with squid head got another two rats but nothing with size.

the long night was taking its toll so started back towards botany had acouple more casts at the school on my way back through landed a couple more one was actually legal but only just! I needed something for my efforts so into the ice he went.

back out on sat mourn hopefully have as much activity but a bit more size!!


Has anyone had some reliable reports about the dollies turning up yet

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bad luck on the lack of size on those kings brett,

most of the kings out of BB atm have been just under legal..

awesome fuk but after time u get sick of catching em heheh.

when u find a school of kings try setting bigger baits deeper,

im sure there are bigger kings holding deeper out there its just a matter

of tempting them to ur bair be4 the rats get to it..

good luck this weekend if u head out

cheers steve :1fishing1:

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