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Windy Botany Bay


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Hi guys and girls,

Geoff and I hit the bay with big plans to chase some kings today but we gave that idea away last night when it was clear the weather wasn't going to play. :thumbdown:

Hit the bay anyway around 6am and headed over to the hot water outlet, container wharf and watts reef.

Nothing doing at the hot water outlet so did a few drifts along the wharf for a thousand throw back reddies and other bits and pieces, including a Trev for Geoff which went on ice. :thumbup:

We then decided to head to Watts and put the pick down and get the mother of all burley trails going. :biggrin2:

The action came thick and fast with a reasonable flatty, and heaps (and heaps) of tarwine. We kept three better ones for dinner so despite the bad conditions we had a feed already. :thumbup:

I then hooked a shark in the trail on an unweighted prawn that was meant for a trevor (or another tarwine!! :074: ) which went really well on of my light sticks. It wasn't huge but was good fun. I have no idea what kind it was but Geoff will post a pic later for identification. I was almost going to keep it and knock the fillets on but thought it best to let it swim. Of course someone will tell me it was well worth keeping to eat but thems the breaks... :074:

We stayed on the pick for a good couple of hours with the action good enough to keep us interested although the larger tarwine went home and we were left with the little reddies.

Then moved back into the bay proper and did a few drifts for some flatties. I got a very nice one which really topped of the day well.

We drifted around for a while longer before the weather closed in on us and it looked like we were going to get wet so headed for the ramp.

Geoff has the pics on his camera so he'll post them a bit later.

So... in all it was a pretty good day considering the shitty conditions. We came home with a beaut feed and I'm having fresh flattie fillets and chips for dinner - rippa!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:



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Yep , considering the conditions we had a good day. It must have been Chrissy shopping or functions for most as there were only 6 - 8 trailers at Cooks ramp. Perhaps the weather did not help

Left the river entrance into a solid 25 knot southerley & one metre waves. Wound the Yammie up to 25 k's & once on the plane had a reasonable run to the hot water outlet

Here are the pic's

Daves Shark. Any one like to advise what it is , had no teeth if that helps


A nice flattie


The catch



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Nice catch The shark is a gummy Victorians wouldnt have thrown it back :biggrin2:

Hey Iceman,


Oh well, next time I'll know and he'll be in the esky.

So... there you go. My PB gummy shark.

Would that be a bait record stewy.... :biggrin2:



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Nice feed there boys. Well done! :thumbup:

Dave, I can't believe you threw back a yummy Gummy! :074:

There are no Gummy's submitted as a Raider record so your's is the new one.. Submit it & Stewy will verify it for you. Congrats mate.



Yeah - thanks heaps Grant!!!! I can't believe I threw it back now either.... :mad3::074: Ahhhr Crap! :074:

Never mind - I live and learn. :biggrin2:

Gummy submitted for a record. :thumbup:



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