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Outboard Problem


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G'day Fishraiders,

Got a problem with the 5hp outboard. It just recently began 'slipping' when under load at nearly full throttle.

The engine speeds up as the prop does not engage and the boat slows down.

I flush the motor after each use in a drum with water and some detergent and a friend has told me that the detergent could be creating this slipping problem.

Your comments would be appreciated........

Thanks and good fishing.

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Guest fishrunner

It's probably the prop hub , this is inside the prop under the spline which slides onto the shaft, this rubber hub wears out over time and slips when it starts to go. Will usually happen 1st at higher revs under load then get lower in the rev range as it worsens.

Happened to an older 40hp of mine when commin back through macleay bar, - scared the shit out of me and my mate,- we got in but only just :(

I just took the prop off and took it to a prop guy and got a new hub fitted.

Some smaller motors only have a shear pin, so check it and if there is rubber behind the washer inside the prop that will most likely be the prob

cheers, Hope I'm right as it's an easy fix :biggrin2:

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