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Any Tips?


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Does anyone have any advice or tips for doing your own oil change on a 4 stroke?

Its a 115 Merc 4 stroke.

A mate of mine did mention the Gear Box oil to be alittle tricky.

Any help would be appreciated.


Gday, I had a 98 25hp 4 stroke Merc that I did my own services on - if you are a bit handy with mechanicals you should be fine. I outlayed the $40 on a workshop manual and it basically paid for itself after the first use.

Changing the oil(s) was pretty simple. The gearbox lube comes in a tube - and you remove the screws and 'sqeeze' it in... Most challenging was the first time I did the impeller change. Had to drop off the gearbox and disconnect linkages etc which was a bit difficult single handed. Changing corrosion control anodes was pretty easy on this engine also.

Anyway, Im sure theres plenty on this site would could advise you if you got stuck. Im an IT geek and if I can fumble my way through it then most wouldnt have any issues :biggrin2: Good luck

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Thanks Darren.

Where abouts did u get the workshop Manual from?


I remember it was a "Clymer" workshop manual and i ordered it online. My memory is fading and I cant remember the exact site, but you can get them from places like www.marque.com.au and I think pitstop.net.au online. just do a google search and you'll get several distributors. I think the prices may be up around the $70 mark now, but still good value if you intend to do your own servicing.

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